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1870s Literature


Richard-Patrick-Order thumbnail A letter (with envelope) from Richard Patrick & Company ordering Pole Pruning Shears. Dated February 24, 1875.

Ambrose-Hastings-notice-envelope thumbnail A notice (with envelope) from Ambrose Hastings. The envelope is what is of interest here. Dated March 15, 1875.

Alfred-Harley-order thumbnail A card (with reverse) from Alfred Harley of Albany, NY ordering cigar knives. Dated April 19, 1875.

envelopes thumbnail Nine envelopes addressed to the company. From the later part of the 19th century. Addresses include 13 Bank Street and 26 Bank Street. Some are addressed to J Wiss & Sons, so have to be after 1880.

Business Cards

26 Bank St card thumbnail Business Card with Picture of Storefront, Circa 1870-71

19th-century-business-card thumbnail A Business card for 26 Bank Street.