Price Sheet No. 122

A four page price list for dealers, and the Suggested Resale Prices. They date from some time in the early 1920s. The page numbers possibly line up with the c1921 catalog that is in the Smithsonian American History Museum Library. (They do not quite line up with the 1922 catalog that is here.) The price list shows retail prices. The sticker notes that the dealer gets a discount. The salmon colored pages are the Suggested Resale Prices. On the yellow the prices are for dealer quantity.


Price-Sheet-No-122-1 Price-Sheet-No-122-Suggested-Retail-1
Price-Sheet-No-122-2 Price-Sheet-No-122-Suggested-Retail-2
Price-Sheet-No-122-3 Price-Sheet-No-122-Suggested-Retail-3
Price-Sheet-No-122-4 Price-Sheet-No-122-Suggested-Retail-4