Wiss Firm Celebrates:
Long-Time Employees Honored at 110th Anniversary Fete

The Newark Evening News, January 25, 1958
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1958-01-25 Long Term Employees Honored at 110th

J. Wiss & Sons Co., Newark cutlery firm, celebrated its 110th anniversary last night by honoring 115 long-time employes at a dinner at the Military Park Hotel.

The veteran employes all have from 25 to 65 years of service with the firm, and average more than 35 years each.

Dean of the staff is Fred Reise of 437 S. 14th St., who was marking 65 years with Wiss last night, most of it as a shear and scissor finisher. Richard R. Wiss, president of the company, estimated that Reise had completed more than 5,000,000 pairs of scissors and shears in his six and a half decades with the firm.

50-Year Employes

Honored for 50 years of service were Charles Thober of 492 Summer Ave. and August Zieser of 638 S. 10th St.

Clifford Clarke of 65 Littleton Ave.,Wasye Cymbalisty of 61½ Peshine Ave. and James Mauriello of 231 N. 4th St.,had served 40 years.

Wiss presented gold watches to five new members of the concern's 25-year club. They were John Kenny of 96 N. 15th St., East Orange; Mrs. Susan Khare of 95 Melrose Ave., Irvington; Frederick H. Rauh Jr., of 154 Irvington Ave., South Orange; Angelo Tancredi of 458 S. 21st St., Irvington, and James F. McMahon of Chicago, a salesman.