Wiss Littleton Ave Factory Pictures from 2009-2014

2009 Visit

This year's visit was on August 1, 2009. I just missed a train and I had time to make a bike ride to the site. The first picture is looking up Littleton Ave from West Market St. A studio for a church cable TV channel has been in the 1968 office building that is off this picture to the right. At this time the building and property was owned by a church. They were mostly using the southern part that had been an office, as seen in the second picture.

Looking Up Littleton Ave from W Market St 2009

The entrance.

Entrance to 33 Littleton Ave 2009

A picture looking into the parking lot and rear of building. I was standing on 11th Ave just west of S. 6th St.

factory rear view

2012 Visit

Two pictures taken on a visit on April 18, 2012. I came upon the church removing their remaining possessions. There already had been a liquidation sale. This notice was in The Newark Star Ledger in early July 2011:

Victory Temple Church Provision of Promise
Sales under $500,000
School: PK-8
Students: 171
Employees: 20-50
Founded: 2002

Looking to the south on Littleton Avenue


The factory rear. The church put some pattern on the wall.


2013 Visit

On a visit on April 19, 2013 I found that demolition had started on the factory building. I spoke with a couple of the workmen. It was all to come down. The property is to become the PSE&G Fairmount Heights Switching Station. It is a nice large site at the top of the hill in Newark. Far from any flooding. Site remediation will be cheaper for such a use over residential. And PSE&G has the expertise to remediate.

Looking to the south on Littleton Avenue you can see here that they have removed the windows in the northern part.


A view from the parking lot in back.


There is a slide show of Wiss Factory Demolition Photos.

2014 Visit

Pictures taken on April 14, 2014. It is now after demolition. Pictures taken in a counter-clockwise direction going around site. First is looking east from South 7th St.


Looking northeast from 11th Ave.


Looking northwest from Littleton Ave. The pond is where the staging and parking areas were north of the forge shop. This would be the most contaminated spot. Remediation of the site cost about $5 million.


Looking north from Littleton Ave.


The office building, which had been a TV studio the year before, is now abandoned.