Group Picture at the Pine Bluff Inn: 1908

Family members in the photo are FCJ Wiss, Fanny Baker Wiss (newly widowed), Florence Wiss Taylor, William Taylor, Lottie Wiss. That is the Manasquan River in the background. The Pine Bluff Inn was built in 1899. It was a popular dancing spot with rooms for 175 guests. The town was reachable by railroad. Then a trolley took you to the Inn (through the Summer of 1919, when the trolley ended). The Inn was located on a bluff overlooking the river on Pine Bluff Ave, near where the Point Pleasant Canal starts today. Looking for a bluff I would presume just west of the canal. The pencil notes written on the back would have been by Gretchen Wiss Sinon. Click on the picture for the full-size one.



This pre-1906 postcard was found on eBay. You can see the same railing as above. Click for back side image.


Searching around finds more postcards.



This building is to the left in one of the above pictures. Beyond where the fence ends. You are looking towards the mouth of the Manasquan River. Click for back side image.



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