Local Jeweler Graduated from New York University Management Program

                     Local Jeweler Graduated
                     from New York University
                       Management Program

Mr Peter A. Drury of Wiss Sons, Inc. 665 Broad St., Newark, NJ
is one of the twenty-seven graduates from the "Jewelry-Store Management
and Merchandising" course jointly sponsored by the New York University
School of Retailing, and the Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking. Although
the training program was only two weeks duration it was intensely comprehensive
in design.

The subjects of buying, merchandising, advertising, sales promotion, credit
managing are but a few of the topics discussed and presented in the course.
Lectures were supplemented with trips to jewelry and watch manufacturing
plants in the New York Ares.

Both Dr. Charles M. Edwards Jr., Dean of the School of Retailing and Dr.
Elmer O. Schaller, professor, have given their personal supervision to
the course, although a large percentage of the lecturing staff are active
business men in many diversified fields.

The course has been designed to emphasise specialized phases of the retail
business. Future programs will be developed as the demand dictates. These
included either additional programs, additional emphasis on specialized
phases of the retail jewelry business, longer programs, or any combination
of the above that will best serve the needs of the jewelry trade.

From The Newark Evening News morgue, now at the Newark Public Library.
Scan of the back.