Meeting Minutes: 1918-07-12 Board

July 12/18  Special meeting of the Board of Director held
            this twelfth day of July Nineteen hundred and eighteen.

            Meeting called to order by President Wiss.

            Present were F.C.J. Wiss, Fanny B. Wiss and
            J. Robert Wiss.

            Fanny B. Wiss made the following motion:
            Resolved: That the Treasurer is hereby
            authorized and instructed to sell the ninety (90)
            shares of stock of the "Manufacturer Liability
            Insurance Company of New Jersey" held by this
            company - motion duly seconded and carried.

            The following resolution was moved, seconded and
            carried, Resolved: That the President of this corporation
            be and hereby is authorized and directed to enter
            into execute and deliver in the name and
            under the seal of the corporation, a contract
            with L.W. Lang, 1st Lieut. Sam C.N.A. No. 506
            dated June 26, 1918 for the delivery of share
            amounting approximately to $61,014,43.

            Fanny B. Wiss moved that Eight and One half
            (8 1/2) shares of common stock of the corporation
            @ Four Hundred ($400.00) dollar of shares be offered
            and sold to the following employees. Frederick H. Rauh
            2 1/2 shares, C.F. Thober 3 shares, J. Robert Wiss 3
            shares, motion seconded and carried.

            Fanny B. Wiss made a motion that the Board
            of Director recommend to the Stockholder the
            creation of the affair of Vice President and change
            of Reinstitution necessary therefor, motion
            seconded and carried.

            Motion to adjourn carried.

                                        Fanny B. Wiss Sec.