Newark Business Directory 1853-54

With listing for Jacob Wiss, Cutler. When Jacob arrived in Newark in 1847 he worked for R. Heinisch (also listed in the directory) for six months. He was then laid off. In 1848 he opened his own business in partnership with Guilman. Jacob met Guilman on the ship over. Presumably he was the one that convinced Jacob to stop in Newark before going to his planned destination of Houston. In the 1848-49 Newark City Directory the business was listed as "Wiss and Guilman, Cutlers and Gunsmiths," at 7 Bank Street. In the 1849-50 directory Jacob no longer had a partner. The gunsmiths was dropped.

In 1914, Wiss acquired the manufacturing facilities of R. Heinisch and became the largest producer of fine scissors and shears in the world.

Wiss moved Heinisch to South 6th Street. The back building was also referred to as the Heinisch building. In the 1950s, the north end was used for rentals and the south end for manufacturing. Later it became all manufacturing.


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