Pinking Shear Patents assigned to Briskman
Made by J Wiss with his Pinking Shears Corporation

Samuel Briskman, of Brooklyn [Born: 24 Dec 1896, Died: 11 Feb 1967], invented pinking shears in 1931 and received his first three patents for them in 1934. He formed the American Pinking Shears Corporation and opened a small plant at 158-160 Greene St, and then in a 5-story factory at 102 Prince Street in Manhattan, New York. [The Prince Street storefront is now a Tumi Luggage Store in the fashionable Soho neighborhood. The floors upstairs are expensive condominiums.] At some point the company name was changed to Pinking Shears Corp.

His firm milled the teeth into the blades. Wiss made the actual shears and had the exclusive sales in the USA and through their agents abroad. Briskman was also entitled to sell abroad under the name of Pinking Shears Corp. through his agents. Based on the number of pinking shears instruction folders printed in the 1950s, they were the boom years for pinking shears sales.

He had one son, Arthur (Artie) Briskman, who worked with him. We have no idea what happened to them, but sales fell off after a change in the type of fabric that was popular (synthetics don't need to be pinked). And then serge stitching became common on sewing machines. Norman F. Wiss, Sr. [Born: , Died: 15 Sept 1954] was the one who pushed for and who managed the agreement with Briskman.

Samuel Briskman died in 1967. His Feburary 16, 1967 obituary in The New York Times tells the story of his tinkering with two serrated knives and coming up with the basic patent. I have obtained a bunch of excellent pictures of Samuel Briskman and other people, many referred to in his obituary.

Briskman Patents (24 total):

Also see patents assigned to J. Wiss & Sons: J Wiss Patents. The thumbnails link to PDF files of the patents.

Initial Patents
Model C pinkers listing these initial three numbers were made from 1934-1942. From 1942 to around 1956 these pinkers also had the 1942 patent number that is listed next.

Method of Making
Pinking Shears

Filed: March 17, 1932
Issued: May 15, 1934
US1959190 thumbnail
Pinking Shears
[Model A]

Filed: March 17, 1932
Issued: July 3, 1934
US1965443 thumbnail
Pinking Shears
[Model C]

Filed: Sept. 19, 1931
Issued: Aug. 14, 1934
US1970408 thumbnail

Enhancements to the core patents

Method of Making
Pinking Shears

Filed: July 18, 1940
Issued: June 16, 1942
US2286874 thumbnail
Pinking Shears

Filed: June 9, 1949
Issued: Aug. 14, 1951
US2564251 thumbnail
Shears for Producing
Zigzag Cuts

Filed: Oct. 20, 1950
Issued: Nov. 6, 1951
US2574066 thumbnail
Shears With Teeth For
Cutting Along Zigzag Lines

Filed: Aug. 19, 1947
Issued: Aug. 26, 1952
US2607986 thumbnail
Shears with Arcuate
Profiled Teeth

Filed: Nov. 20, 1957
Issued: Sept. 9, 1958
US2850803 thumbnail
Left-Handed Pinking Shears

Filed: March, 31, 1959
Issued: Dec, 15, 1959
US2916822 thumbnail
Method Of Making
Pinking Or Scalloping Shears

Filed: Dec. 16, 1956
Issued: Aug. 16, 1960
US2949050 thumbnail
Pinking Shears

Filed: Dec. 3, 1962
Issued: Feb. 23, 1965
US3170237 thumbnail

Covering the equipment to cut the teeth

Lapping Machine

Filed: March 18, 1932
Issued: Nov. 27, 1934
US1981935 thumbnail
Pinking Machine

Filed: May 9, 1939
Issued: May 13, 1941
US2242097 thumbnail
Tool Holder

Filed: Sept. 12, 1940
Issued: July 7, 1942
US2289155 thumbnail
Pinking Machine

Filed: Nov. 13, 1942
Issued: May 9, 1944
US2348529 thumbnail
Work Holder

Filed: Sept. 18, 1941
Issued: July 4, 1944
US2353096 thumbnail
Work Holder For
Pinking Shears

Filed: July 3, 1946
Issued: Jan. 9, 1951
US2537164 thumbnail
Apparatus for Finishing
Toothed Cutting Blades

Filed: Jan. 30, 1948
Issued: April 8, 1952
US2592344 thumbnail
Device for Lapping the Cutting
Edges of Pinking Shears

Filed: Aug. 3, 1962
Issued: April 28, 1964
US3130521 thumbnail
Magnetic Chucking Device

Filed: Jan. 21, 1965
Issued: June 28, 1966
US3257876 thumbnail
Workholder for Machining
Pivot Holes in Pinking Shears

Filed: Jan. 21, 1965
Issued: Feb. 21, 1967
US3304596 thumbnail

Electric Pinking Shears: Briskman may never have manufactured these

Power-Operated Tool

Filed: March 9, 1967
Issued: Nov. 5, 1968
US3408875 thumbnail
Power-Driven Electronically
Controlled Tool

Filed: March 9, 1967
Issued: Oct. 27, 1970
US3536976 thumbnail
Universal Power-Operated

Filed: July 12, 1968
Issued: June 8, 1971
US3583067 thumbnail

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