Pinking Shears Corporation Factory: 102 Prince St, New York, NY

Now located in the fashionable Soho neighborhood. The Prince Street side storefront is now a Tumi Luggage Store. The Greene St. side is a Louis Vuitton. The five floors upstairs are expensive condominiums. A full floor is 7,092 square feet. Full address is 102-104 Prince Street and 114-120 Greene Street.

Landmarks Designation Report 1973:

Block-Lot: 499-12. Now lots 1201 - 1226. Also lot C685.
Completed: 5/31/1882
Architect: Henry Fernbach
Original Owner: Frederick Loeser
Original Function: Stores
Land area: 9,100 square feet.
Comments: Prince St side: new ground floor entrance, Greene St side: Original condition except for new doors

From the report: No. 114-120 Greene Street is an impressive double-front building, six stories high and ten bays wide [six bays on the Prince side], designed in a stylized classical manner by Henry Fernbach in 1881. The modelled pilasters which join the two fronts give the building a central emphasis, and similar pilasters accent the ends. The intricate detailing of the ground-floor piers enhances what would have been the original show windows of the stores in this building. The square window bays are separated by fluted columns topped by ionic-type capitals. The top-story windows, however, are treated differently; elaborately molded keystones accent the segmentally-arched lintels, and the capitals of separating columns are formed by a simple egg-and-dart molding. Once again Fernbach shows his prediliction for an elaborate cornice and entablature treatment. Between the brackets supporting the cornice are the stylized acanthus leaf antefixae, rising above the pilasters at the ends and in the center.

Factory at 102 Prince St. 1940s.

102 Prince St

Someone edited out all but the building, to show that the building was L-shaped and quite large. The perspective was changed, and a water tower and flag were added. This image, with a truck placed in the void of the removed building, was used on a 1940s folder included with Pinking Shears Corporation's pinking shears.

102 Prince St edited

Picture taken October 2021. The trees along Prince St, at the right, are in containers, as the buildings have sidewalk vaults.

102 Prince St Oct 2021

Google Streets aerial capture 2021

102 Prince St aerial 2021