J. Wiss & Sons Co.
Strops and Safety Razors
Wiss sold a long line of strops, though few appear here. There are six pages starting on page 71 in the 1915 Catalog.
Automatic Razor Stropper
Patented about 1910. See patent. This appears and how to use is explained on page 71 in the 1912 Catalog. This item passed through eBay in May 2011. A rusty version of this is hanging around as an eBay buy-it-now.
Micromatic Safety Razor
This is not in any catalog. It was either sold in parallel with straight razors, or after the straight razor market collapsed. This one passed through eBay in March 2011.
Safety Razor Blades
It is unknown what years Wiss sold these. I would presume these overlap with the later years of straight razor selling. The first of these passed through eBay in March 2008 and the other passed through in December 2009.
Strop "Scotch Shell"
Wiss Newark NJ & Trademark Extra Fine "Scotch Shell" still quite visible. Has two leather strops which are both about 18 inches long. This one passed through eBay in November 2009.