Hang Tag 1930s-1940s
Table of Contents:

Model A Instructions Tags

Reprinted in 1948. I need to get the earlier one.

hang-tag-A-1   hang-tag-A-2

Model C Instructions Tags

Starting mid-1930s.

hang-tag-C1-1   hang-tag-C1-2

hang-tag-C2-1   hang-tag-C2-2

Same as before, but in a bolder print.

hang-tag-C3-1   hang-tag-C3-2

Early 1940s.

hang-tag-C4-1   hang-tag-C4-2

In 1948 they added "100 Years of Quality Shears"

hang-tag-C5-1   hang-tag-C5-2

"More Than 100..." Years makes this 1949 and early 1950 only,

hang-tag-C6-1   hang-tag-C6-2

Chrome Tags

Used from late 1940s to early 1950s.

hang-tag-chrome-1   hang-tag-chrome-2

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