J. Wiss & Sons Co. 1848-1976
Catalog sheets, price lists, booklets, and ads from the 1930s.

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Catalogs and Price Lists

1930 1930 Catalog
on Shears, Scissors, Tinners' Snips, Pruning Shears, Hedge Shears, Grass Shears 84 pages. 6" × 9-3/16". Also in PDF.

1934 1934 Catalog
on Shears, Scissors, Snips and Garden Shears. This catalog is virtually identical to the 1930 one. 84 pages. 5-3/4" × 9". Also in PDF.

1937 1937 Catalog
The 55-37 is a 52 page catalog covering all shears and scissors in detail. Includes garden tools, gift sets, and display cases. No prices. Printed 1937. 5-1/8" × 6-5/8". A 1938 price list below has basically the same products in a little different order. Also in PDF.

pricelist1938 Four Page Price List: 1938
Covering all shears and scissors. The products only somewhat line up with the 1937 catalog above. Printed November 1, 1938. Also in PDF.

GS1939 Garden Shears catalog
8.5" × 11". Its associated price list is below. Also in PDF.

GardenShearsPriceList1939 Garden Shears Price List: 1939
This one page price list covers all garden shears in number order. The products cover what is in the catalog above. Printed August 1, 1939. Also in PDF.


94-30 Wiss Garden Tools: Superior Construction, Finely Tempered, Easy Cutting, Adjustable, Durable
Includes slogan "It's a Pleasure to use Them." Outside has grass shears and hedge shears. Inside has 11 pruning shears. Circa 1930. Includes prices. 9-1/4" × 12-1/8" overall folds to 3-1/16" × 6-1/6". Inventory number 94-30. Also in PDF.

letter-infringement-claim-from-Alliance-1930 Wiss Letter to Customers: July 28, 1930
Wiss calling to the attention of their customers the false accusations that Alliance Manufacturing is circulating about the Wiss-Klip Grass Shear was infringing on their patents.

85-31-10 The Story of Good Shears and Scissors
Booklet details how shears were made and ends with two pages of the product line. No prices. Circa 1931. 3-5/16" × 6-3/8". 12 pages. Inventory number 85-31. Also in PDF.

74-34-25 "Only 2 Out of 100 Homes have GOOD Scissors"
Form 74-34-25. Probably early 1934. This one was inside a pinking shears box.

letter-Quinn-1934-06-19 Letter to Quinn Brothers Hardware: June 19, 1934
Response enclosing literature touting the new pinking shears and they are now patented. This Pinking Shears For Added Profit was the presumed enclosure.

pinking-shears-for-added-profit Wiss Pinking Shears For Added Profits!!
Circa 1934. The first patent was granted on May 15th, 1934. A 16" × 11" sheet folded to 8-1/2" × 11".

HowToManicureAndPedicureAtHome How To Manicure And Pedicure At Home
Early 1930s. 6 pages. Folds to 3-7/8" × 6-1/4". Also in PDF.

75-36-50 Don't You Hate to be "Stuck" with inferior Scissors
Has a page for each of seven styles. Styles include pinking shears and kitchen shears. 8 pages. Includes prices. Folds to 3-1/16" × 6-1/4". Inventory number 75-36. Probably printed in 1936. Also in PDF.

86-36-10 The Story of - - GOOD SHEARS and SCISSORS: Information of value to all who use shears and scissors.
12 pages. The first half of the booklet explains in detail how scissors are made. Then various shears and scissors are described in detail. 3-5/16" × 6-1/4". Inventory number 86-36-10. Probably printed in 1936.

GT-36-100 New Wiss "Shock-Proof" Hedge Shears
Also has pages for the Wiss-Clipper and Hy-Power Pruners. 4 pages. Includes prices. Folds to 3-1/8" × 5-15/16". Inventory number GT-36-100. Also in PDF.

JS-36-10 Wiss Light Metal Snip, No. J-7
This handy snip used for light metal work, by electricians, tinsmiths, plumbers, jewelers, dental workers and whereever light metal templates or patterns are required to be cut. Assumed to be 1936. Form J.S.36-10. 3-1/4" × 6-1/8".

E.S.9-39-100 Wiss Gift Sets
Probably circa September 1939. Shows nine things for sale, with seven of them being gift sets. Found in a 1942 pinking shears box. Form E.S. 9-39-100.

as-long-as-they-last As Long As They Last!
Cut sheet promotion for Equity Brand Shears and Scissors. Date range 1930s to early 1940s. The Equity name was used for decades.

New-garden-tool-display-no.-275 New Garden Tool Display: No. 275
Cut sheet on a floor standing display with an assortment of garden cutters. Date range 1930s to early 1940s.

Inserts (Included with shears)

pinker-instructions-1934 thumbnail Pinking Shears Instruction Sheet
This 1934 instructions sheet is the earliest documentation inserted into the pinking shears boxes.

hang-tags thumbnail Pinking Shears Hang Tags
The series of hang tags attached to the pinking shears starting in the mid-1930s, and continuing to early 1950.


Marting-Bros-envelope thumbnail Marting Bros. envelope
Sent by J. Wiss.

1937 envelope thumbnail Parker-Stearns envelope
Sent by J. Wiss on December 15, 1937.

Marting-Bros-envelope thumbnail J Wiss Envelope Sent to Norton Company
Dated May 9, 1938.

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