J. Wiss & Sons Co. 1848-1976
Catalog sheets, price lists, booklets, and ads from the 1930s.

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Catalogs and Price Lists

53-30 thumbnail A 1930 Catalog on Shears, Scissors, Tinners' Snips, Pruning Shears, Hedge Shears, Grass Shears 84 pages. 6" × 9-3/16". Also available in PDF.
54-34 thumbnail A 1934 Catalog on Shears, Scissors, Snips and Garden Shears. This catalog is virtually identical to the 1930 one. 84 pages. 5-3/4" × 9". Also available in PDF.
55-37 thumbnail The 55-37 is a 52 page catalog covering all shears and scissors in detail. Includes garden tools, gift sets, and display cases. No prices. Printed 1937. 5-1/8" × 6-5/8". A 1938 price list below has basically the same products in a little different order. Also available in PDF.
pricelist1938 thumbnail This is a four page price list covering all shears and scissors. The products only somewhat line up with the 1937 catalog above. Printed November 1, 1938.
GS1939 thumbnail A 1939 Garden Shears catalog 8.5" × 11". Its associated price list is to the right. Also available in PDF. GardenShearsPriceList1939 thumbnail This is a one page price list covering all garden shears in number order. The products cover what is in the catalog to the left. Printed August 1, 1939.


94-30 thumbnail Wiss Garden Tools: Superior Construction, Finely Tempered, Easy Cutting, Adjustable, Durable. Includes slogan "It's a Pleasure to use Them." Outside has grass shears and hedge shears. Inside has 11 pruning shears. Circa 1930. Includes prices. 9-1/4" × 12-1/8" overall folds to 3-1/16" × 6-1/6". Inventory number 94-30.
85-31 thumbnail The Story of Good Shears and Scissors. Booklet details how shears were made and ends with two pages of the product line. No prices. Circa 1931. 3-5/16" × 6-3/8". 12 pages. Inventory number 85-31.
HowToManicureAndPedicureAtHome thumbnail How To Manicure And Pedicure At Home. Early 1930s. 6 pages. Folds to 3-7/8" × 6-1/4".
75-36 thumbnail Don't You Hate to be "Stuck" with inferior Scissors. Has a page for each of seven styles. Styles include pinking shears and kitchen shears. 8 pages. Includes prices. Folds to 3-1/16" × 6-1/4". Inventory number 75-36. Probably printed in 1936.
GT-36-100 thumbnail New Wiss "Shock-Proof" Hedge Shears. Also has pages for the Wiss-Clipper and Hy-Power Pruners. 4 pages. Includes prices. Folds to 3-1/8" × 5-15/16". Inventory number GT-36-100.
E.S.9-39-100 thumbnail Wiss Gift Sets. Probably circa September 1939. Shows nine things for sale, with seven of them being gift sets. Found in a 1942 pinking shears box. Form E.S. 9-39-100.

Inserts (Included with shears)

pinker-instructions-1934 thumbnail Pinking Shears Instruction Sheet. This 1934 instructions sheet is the earliest documentation inserted into the pinking shears boxes.
pinker-tag-front thumbnail Tag and Instruction Sheet. This is the first hang tag attached to the pinking shears. This here was used from the mid-1930s through 1937. Many more different folders were printed in the 1950s.


Marting-Bros-envelope thumbnail Marting Bros. envelope. Sent by J. Wiss.

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