Boker's Great American Story Knives

This program was conceived and begun when Boker was under Wiss family ownership, but the series was finished off under Cooper Tools ownership. (The split is between Nos. 1783/1784.) All these knives were made in Maplewood, NJ. After the series was completed, the factory was moved to Apex, NC. No more commemorative knives were made in the USA after that.

Initial content for table sourced from the Knife Collectors Club's Boker Tree Brand Great American Story Knives (History). Many thanks to them.

Field & Stream Ad: July 1974

Pictures of all 12 in Series I taken as group

Paperwork for Series II:

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Great American Story Knives: Series I & II
Emblem/Box Legend Emblem Blade Legend Pattern No.
Series I: USA
Early May 1974 1770 Thirteen Colonies Pilgrim/Map "Sweet Land of Liberty" Large stock 3
Mid July 1974 1771 July 4, 1776 American Eagle "One Out of Many" Large stock 3
Late Sept. 1974 1772 The Alamo Alamo Mission "Manifest Destiny" Texas jack 2
Early Dec. 1974 1773 Prairie Schooner Conestoga Wagon Westward Ho! Large equal end jack 2
Mid Feb. 1975 1774 Liberty Statue of Liberty Head with Motto "The Melting Pot" Large stock 3
Late April 1975 1775 Johnny Reb Confederate Soldier "Dixie" Large congress 4
Early July 1975 1776 The Golden Spike Head-on Locomotives "On to the Last Frontier" Large stock 3
Mid Sept. 1975 1777 Buffalo Bill & Sitting Bull Two: Cowboy & Indian "Old Wild West" Large trapper's 2
Late Nov. 1975 1778 Remember the Maine Sinking Battleship "Rise to World Power" Large swell end jack 3
Early Feb. 1976 1779 Lafayette Escadrille Bi-Planes Fighting "War to End All War" Large serpentine jack 2
Mid April 1976 1780 Alamagordo Atom "Dawn of the Atomic Age" Large stock 3
July 4, 1976 1781 July 4, 1976 American Flag "200 Years of Freedom" Large stock 3
Series II: German
July 4, 1976 1010 1776 - 1976: 1010 Ltd. American Eagle with Shield Painted American Flag Folding Hunting 1
Series II: USA
End Aug. 1976 1782 The Cotton Gin Cotton Gin "Birth of Southern Industry" Congress 4
End Oct. 1976 1783 Louisiana Purchase Map of Louisiana Purchase "Westward Expansion" Trapper's 2
End Dec. 1976 1784 Lewis & Clark Lewis & Clark "Blazing the Trail" Premium stock 3
End Feb. 1977 1785 Monroe Doctrine Monroe Doctrine Scroll "American Proclamation" Texas jack 2
End April 1977 1786 Sutter's Mill Panning for Gold at Sutter's Mill "California Gold Rush" Premium stock 3
End June 1977 1787 Stage Coach Stage Coach "Bridging the Continent" Premium stock 3
Mid Sept. 1977 1788 Black Gold Oil Derrick "Modern Fuel" Jack 2
Early Nov. 1977 1789 Pony Express Pony Express Rider "Continental Mail Service" Congress 4
End Dec. 1977 1790 Hydro Electricity First Hydro Electric Plant "Modern Energy" Whittler 3
Mid Feb. 1978 1791 The Sooners Homesteaders with Conestoga Wagon "On to Oklahoma" Dogleg jack 2
Mid April 1978 1792 Horseless Carriage Henry Ford's Quadricycle "Revolution in Transportation" Premium stock 3
Mid June 1978 1793 One Nation Map of Continental USA "200 Million Americans" Premium stock 3