Boker Tree Brand Knives by Wiss: 1970-1976

Wiss bought Boker in March 1970 and owned it until it was sold along with the company on December 1, 1976.

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B72/73 thumbnail B-954 thumbnail Boker Tree Brand: Pocket And Hunting Knives [1972]
Catalog No. B72/73 with A-954 Price List
12 pages plus 6 price pages. Printed May 1972 with July 1, 1975 prices.
Also in PDFs: catalog pages and price list

B-76 thumbnail Boker Tree Brand: Pocket And Hunting Knives [1976]
Catalog No. B-76. Marked B1004 8/77 on the back. But this date is past the sale of the company.
12 pages.
Knife models pictured are different from the prior catalog.
Also in PDF

Cooper Catalog thumbnail Cooper Tools: Boker Tree Brand Knifes [1981]
Domestic knives only.
Catalog No. 55171. 150,000 printed in October 1981.

Commemorative Knives

12 knives thumbnail Starting in 1971 the company was coming out with Commemorative Knives. Initially each year for four years. The biggest success was the Great American Story Knives. It was planned to have a series of 12 knives culminating on July 4, 1976. It was successful enough that a second series of 12 was started right after the initial series ended. After these back-to-back series they changed to having a theme for the knife to commemorate.

Knives Made for John Primble

John Primble box label These are what I could find at eBay. There are many more. The sign that the knife was made by Boker is a star under the model number.

Instructions Sheet

Boker Instructions thumbnail A Boker Tree Brand Knife Instructions. This exists in three versions:
 • Dated November 1972. Manufactured by J. Wiss & Sons Co.
 • After the purchase Cooper came out with Instructions that excluded the Boker name. Apparently they initially didn't think the Boker name was worth keeping.
 • By the middle of 1977 they were labeling the knives Boker without any mention of Wiss.


Boker-display+knives thumbnail Hardware Display Case
of 36 Knives
Boker-yellow-HD-100 thumbnail Yellow HD-100
Display Case
Boker laminated display thumbnail Laminated
Display Case

Boker Factory

A Google Streets picture of the former Boker Plant from 2013. They were possibly using 190-200 Rutgers St. The Maplewood Page has maps showing the Boker property.