West Park St. Wing for Wiss:
Store Property Bought From New Jersey Historical Society

The Newark Sunday News, July 30, 1939

1939-07-30 West Park St Wing for Wiss Sons

Wiss Sons, Inc., has bought the property at 22 West Park street from the New Jersey Historical Society. The deal was consummated last week by Fiedler, Inc. The plot, with a frontage of 32 feet and a depth of 112 feet, is covered by a one-story brick building, which Wiss will alter to meet its needs as a gift showroom, display center for china and glassware and a gematological laboratory for the scientific evaluation of precious stones. The building was remodeled two years ago for a restaurant. The former one-story building had been occupied for several years by the Forbes seed store. A small portion of the store is brown stone, used in the best built structures here 150 years ago.

Entrance to the new showroom also will be through the company's main jewelry store on Broad street. The buildings adjoin in the rear and an entrance will be cut through. The retail concern's offices, at present in the Broad street building, will be moved to the new premises. Alterations are expected to be completed in October, in readiness for holiday display. A feature will be the use of "transparent" show windows.

Jerome Wiss, a member of the third generation of the Wiss family in the Newark jewelry business, heads the corporation which has acquired the West Park street property. The purchase was for cash, and is the first such midtown realty transaction reported in some time. The Wiss company has been in business in Newark for 91 years.