Wiss Plant Is Dedicated:
Cutlery Maker Opens Two New Buildings in Complex

The Newark Evening News, December 21, 1966

1966-12-21 Wiss Plant Dedicated

J. Wiss & Sons Co., which is building more than $1.1 million in additions to its present plant at 33 Littleton Ave., yesterday dedicated the first two buildings of the new five-building complex.

The ceremony was capped by a snip of the ribbon with a pair of golden shears by Richard R. Wiss, president of the 119-year-old company. Wiss manufactures cutlery.

The structures dedicated yesterday are production buildings and will have a total floor space of 17,000 square feet.

Wiss is one of Two Newark-based firms which are expanding in the Fairmount urban renewal project. The others is Motor Club of America which is constructing a new home office at Central Avenue and 7th Street.