Old Shears & Scissors Display Cabinet

All original J. Wiss and Sons Co scissor display case from the early 1900s.

One piece of plinth on side of case is missing. Lock is present but no key. Lower latch key is present and working.

Hanging Cabinet. Original finish and original wavy glass.

Painted with black and red outline at top on oak cabinet: WISS SCISSORS and Etched on the glass door front. WISS SHEARS & SCISSORS and stamped on back: Property of J. WISS & SONS Co. NEWARK NJ

Locking latch and keyhole entry and metal knob. Hooks and wood shelf areas.

Door opens and closes easily. Locking latch works properly.

46 5/8" tall × 28 7/8" wide × 5 5/8" deep, main cabinet is 3" deep

This cabinet was for sale on eBay. Pictures from May 2003.

Display Cabinet - Front

Display Cabinet - Name At Top

Display Cabinet - Logo

Display Cabinet - Door Open

Display Cabinet - Back