Wiss Display Cases, Cabinets and Racks

• HD-100 Display & Stock Container
The HD-100 was their most popular countertop display. It shows up the most often on eBay.

Display & Stock Containers
Pictures from eBay listings.
Display cabinet
Marketing Cut Sheet
HD-100 marketing brochure thumbnail
Instruction Sheet
Included with the HD-100.
A price list also exists.
HD-100 Instruction Sheet thumbnail
Updated Price Buttons
HD-100 Wall Display
Wall version without storage.

• Trimline Display Cases
Countertop Case
26-1/2" long x 19-3/4" tall.
Countertop Case
All hooks are for sewing scissors.
Countertop Case
Trimline-display-case thumbnail

• Countertop Cases
Revolving Shears Showcase
With scissors storage drawer.
Countertop Display Case
Display thumbnail
Display for Sewing Shears & Scissors
Has slogan: Good sewing requires WISS quality scissors. 37" X 7" X 14".
Small Countertop Case
Model 124-W. 13" x 17".

• Countertop Cases with Removable Easel Backs
Countertop Display
Reads: Wiss Shears and Scissors:
Wonderful Cutters
. 14" x 16" x 2.5".
Countertop Display Stand
There is no storage behind.
countertop-display-stand thumbnail
Small Case Converted to Wall
16" x 14" x 3"
Small Countertop Easel Case
easel display

• Countertop Metal Folding Racks
Inlaid Shears
All spaces are for sewing
shears and scissors.
Metal Master / Compound
Action Snips.
snips best by test
Solid Steel Snips
tin snips easel
Solid Steel Snips
Solid Steel Snips
20" x 17-1/2"

• Wall Flat
Best By Test Wall Board
Tin snips and a BX cutter.
17" x 29".
Best By Test tin snips
Inlaid Shears Wall Display Board
All spots are for sewing scissors.
16" x 19".
Back From a Garden Tools Display
garden-tools-sign thumbnail

• Garden Shears Display Racks
Countertop Display
For hanging garden tools.
garden-shears-rack thumbnail
Countertop GT-53 Display
For hanging garden tools.
This variant has no shelf on the top.
green-display thumbnail
Saturday Evening Post
From 1950.
Saturday Evening Post ad thumbnail
Green Hangers
From a GT-53 display unit. Note these hangers have outboard hooks, which went away when the top shelf was added.
green-hangers thumbnail
GT-53 with Top Shelf
More space.
Cut Sheet
Sent to dealers in 1952.
cut sheet thumbnail
GT-53 with Tray
Garden Tools Green
Gardens Tools Tabletop Display Rack
Garden Shears: Sign above Tray
Back Part of Garden Tools Wall Sign
garden tools sign from display 25.75x13

• Wall Mounted Display Cases
Tall Wall Case
17-1/2" x 33-1/2" x 3".
Tall Wall Cabinet
wall-cabinet thumbnail
Oak Tall Wall Cabinet
oak wall-cabinet thumbnail

• Pegboard Racks with Hooks
Metalmaster Snips
Metalmaster Yellow thumbnail
Metalmaster Snips
Metalmaster pegboard yellow thumbnail
Wiss Metalmaster Snips
Metalmaster hanger yellow thumbnail
Solid Steel Snips
pegboard snips red thumbnail
Solid Steel Snips
snips rack thumbnail
Solid Steel Snips
snips rack yellow thumbnail
Snips: Hinged
snips hanging rack thumbnail
Wiss SNIPS: Hinged
Wiss SNIPS hinged thumbnail
Wiss SNIPS: Hinged
yellow snips hinged thumbnail
Wiss Metal Master Snips
Metalmaster Hanger red white thumbnail
Wiss Metalmasters
Metalmaster hanger thumbnail
Wiss Tinners' Snips
tinners-snips-sign thumbnail
Wiss Tinners' Snips
tinners snips

• Other
Brass Plaque from Cabinet
It has the slogan Wiss: Stay Sharp.
brass-sign thumbnail
Brass Plaque from Cabinet
brass-sign thumbnail
Wonderful Cutters Brass Strip
Sign from a Display Cabinet
White Wiss sign

• Catalog Pages
CaliforniaHardwareCo1942 thumbnail Display Cases. A couple pages from a 1942 California Hardware Co. catalog. Four display cases and their contents are listed. They are: Floor case, Revolving counter display case, Counter or wall case, and Counter case.