J. Wiss & Sons Co.
Display Cases and Cabinets


The HD-100 Display & Stock Container was a popular countertop display. You can see the HD-100 marketing brochure for this cabinet. Below are pictures from the better ones that have passed through eBay in recent years. Click on thumbnail to see more pictures of each.
HD-100 HD-100a thumbnail HD-100b thumbnail HD-100c thumbnail HD-100d thumbnail HD-100e thumbnail HD-100f thumbnail HD-100g thumbnail
HD-100h thumbnail HD-100i thumbnail HD-100j thumbnail HD-100l thumbnail HD-100m thumbnail HD-100n thumbnail HD-100o thumbnail HD-100p thumbnail
HD-100 Instruction Sheet thumbnail An HD-100 Display & Stock Container Instruction Sheet. This was included with an HD-100. It came with my purchase of an HD-100.
countertop-display-stand thumbnail A countertop Countertop Display Stand. Unlike the HD-100 above, there is no storage behind.
Trimline-display-case thumbnail A countertop Trimline display case.
Display thumbnail A countertop Display case.
Boker-case thumbnail A countertop Boker display case.
green-display thumbnail A countertop GT-53 display for hanging garden tools. You can see the 1952 cut sheet to dealers promoting this display. It also appears in this 1950 Saturday Evening Post ad.
green-hangers thumbnail These green hangers were saved from a GT-53 display unit like the prior entry.
brass-sign thumbnail This brass plaque was saved from some wooden display unit. It has the slogan Wiss: Stay Sharp. From the first half of the 20th century.


wall-cabinet thumbnail An old wall mounted display cabinet.
oak-wall-cabinet thumbnail A plain oak wall mounted display cabinet.
garden-tools-sign thumbnail The back from a Garden Tools Display.
snips-hanging-rack thumbnail Snips Hanging Rack. The sign measures 3" × 9". The hooks extend 5" from each side. Probably 1960s.
tinners-snips-sign thumbnail Tinners' Snips Display Hangers. The sign measures 3" × 16 1/4". The hooks extend 5" from each side.

Catalog Pages

CaliforniaHardwareCo1942 thumbnail Display Cases. A couple pages from a 1942 California Hardware Co. catalog. Four display cases and their contents are listed. They are: Floor case, Revolving counter display case, Counter or wall case, and Counter case.

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