Sanborn Maps with the Wiss Newark Factory: 1892, 1908, 1931

Sanborn Maps were produced for the insurance companies, to help with risk assessment. For coding see Legend (yellow: frame, red: brick, blue: stone). Also see Newark Atlas Maps of the factory. To compare to the final property, see Aerial Picture 2013. These maps are from Princeton University's Sanborn Maps of New Jersey Collection.
1892. Source Map: Vol. 2, Sheet 154.


1908. A lot has been expanded in these 16 intervening years. Source Map: Vol. 3, Sheet 47.


1931. Wiss has taken over the Valley Forge Cutlery Co. The office building has been built to the left along Littleton Ave. Plus a few buildings around it, which were gone by the company's end. Source Map: Vol. 3, Sheet 329