101 Lincoln Ave, Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ
Norman F. Wiss [Sr] and Mildred Sommer Wiss

The house was then built by them, probably in 1924 (though Zillow has 1925), sold in the depression of the 1930s. Originally had salt marsh behind it. In the early pictures you can see houses on the other side of the Shark River.

The house now with front dormer, porches connected across the front, and an addition across the back.

1924. In Season. With the flag it may have been July 4th. Clicking on the web-size picture and you can see the tricycles. Children were two and four at the time. Is the chimney smack in front of the dormer window a mistake?


1924. Fall or Spring season. Outdoor furniture and toys put away, but one window is still open. The car is a 1922-23 Cadillac Type 61 Five Passenger Sedan.


1925. There are now awnings on the windows and porches on both sides of the house. And some bushes in front.


1931. The car is a 1931 Chrysler Imperial Eight Five Passenger Sedan.


Taken August 2012. Now with front dormer, side porches connected across the front, shutters added, and an addition across the back.