Meeting Minutes: 1916-01-27 Stockholders

Jan 27/16  Annual meeting of the Stockholder
           of the J. Wiss & Sons div. held at the main
           office of the Company 33 Littleton Ave. Newark
           N.J. on the twenty seventh day of January
           Nineteen hundred and sixteen.

           Meeting called to order by the president at
           3:05 P.M. Present were F.B. Wiss, J. Robert Wiss,
           M. Wiss, F. Taylor, C.L. Gairoard,
           F.H. Rauh representing  Mr. H. Rauh and F.C.J Wiss.

           Notice of meeting dated January Twenty
           was read.

           Minutes of the Stockholder meeting of Jan 28th,
           1915 were read and approved.

           The Treasurer reports that he is not ready
           to submit the annual report but from 
           available estimates the profit in excess of
           eighty thousand dollar. The Wiss factory herein
           has received direct benefit by sale of
           advanced price, less selling expenses.
           Motion by Fanny B. Wiss to accept the
           report was carried.

           On motion of C.L. Gairoard seconded by
           F.H. Rauh, all the action of the director for
           the past year were approved.

           The following were nominated as director
           to serve for the ensuing year and until their
           successor have been elected and qualified
           Fred C.J. Wiss, Fanny B. Wiss, J. Robert Wiss.
           Then being no other nomination, the secretary
           was directed to cast a ballot for the nominees
           for the 1998 shares represented at the meeting.
           F.C.J. Wiss, Fanny B. Wiss and J.R. Wiss were
           declared elected.

           There being no further business, a motion
           to adjourn made by C.L. Gairoard and
           duly seconded was carried.

                                      Fanny B. Wiss Sec.