Meeting Minutes: 1917-01-25 Board-2

Jan 25/17  Meeting of the Board of Director of J. Wiss & Sons
           Co. held January 25th, 1917 after close of Stockholders

           Meeting called to order at 3 P.M. Present were
           Fred C.J. Wiss, Fanny B. Wiss and J. Robert Wiss,
           all the director elected at the stockholders meeting
           held this day.

           The Board perfected its organization by the election
           of the following officer:

                    Fred C.J. Wiss, President
                    Fanny B. Wiss, Secretary
                    Fred C.J. Wiss, Treasurer

           Fanny B. Wiss moved that the salary of F.C.J. Wiss
           be twenty thousand dollar from January 1st, 1917,
           motion seconded by J. Robert Wiss, motion carried.
           Motion to adjourn and seconded carried.

                                             Fanny B. Wiss Sec.