Meeting Minutes: 1918-03-09 Board

Mar 9/18  Special meeting of the Board of Director
          held this ninth day of March 1918.
          Meeting called to order at 10:15 A.M. a adjourn
          being present.

          Agreeable to a resolution of the stockholder
          passed at the annual meeting held on the twenty
          fourth day of January nineteen hundred and
          eighteen six shares of the common stock
          of the corporation Four Hundred ($400.00) dollar
          per share were offered and sold to employees
          as follow - Frederick H. Rauh 2 1/2 shares
                      Carl Alfred Thober 2      "
                      J. Robert Wiss     1 1/2  "

           The Treasurer and Secretary were instructed
           to issue and deliver above shares. Motion to adjourn

                                           Fanny B. Wiss Sec.