Meeting Minutes: 1919-03-31 Board

Mar 31/19  Special meeting of the Board of Director of
           the J. Wiss & Sons Co. held this Thirty first day of
           March, Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen.

           Present were F.C.J. Wiss, Fanny B. Wiss and 
           J. Robert Wiss.
           Fanny B. Wiss tendered her resignation as secretary
           to take effect April 1st, 1919. Resignation accepted with

           Jerome B. Wiss was nominated as secretary to
           fill unexpired term of Fanny B. Wiss and

           Motion was made and duly seconded that
           agreeable to resolution passed at Stockholder meeting
           of January 24th, 1918, the Board of Director offer to
           J. Robert Wiss, Fred A. Rauh and C.A. Thober
           stock of the company at Four Hundred ($400)
           dollar per share to an amount not exceeding
           their extra allowance for recent six month of
           1918, now to their credit on the books of the company.
           Motion carried.

           There being no further business before the board,
           a motion to adjourn was made and passed.

                                            Fanny B. Wiss Sec.