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1900s-GH-Stielweld-embroidery-scissors thumbnail
1900s. Good Housekeeping. Wiss “Stielweld” embroidery scissors
1908-May-LHJ thumbnail
1908 May. Ladies Home Journal. During dressmaking time good shears are indispensible... Measures 2 1/2" x 5 3/4".
1922-Needlecraft-Keeping-little-folks thumbnail
1922. Needlecraft Magazine. Keeping little folks dressed is double pleasure, when you have the helpful, friendly aid of good Wiss Scissors. 2-1/4" x 6"
1923-Needlecraft-A-Cheerful-Work-Basket thumbnail
1923. Needlecraft Magazine. A Cheerful Work Basket
1923-Needlecraft-So-many-women thumbnail
1923. Needlecraft Magazine. So many women are accustomed to getting along with dull, wabbly, shears — ...
1923-Needlecraft-You-Need-Them-Everyday thumbnail
1923. Needlecraft Magazine. You Need Them Every Day!
1925-June-Modern-Priscilla thumbnail
1925 June. Modern Priscilla. In the Bride's new home and in every home...
GH-1935-10 thumbnail
1935 Oct. Good Housekeeping. AMAZING how THESE shears SAVE time and money
1935-Nov-GH-Pinking-Saves thumbnail
1935 Nov. Good Housekeeping. Pinking Saves
GH-1948-10 thumbnail
1948 Oct. Good Housekeeping. When you do this. You need these Wiss Pinking Shears.
1950-When-you-sew thumbnail
1950. When you sew...why not be Professional It's so easy...with Wiss pinking shears
GH-1951-05 thumbnail
1951 May. Good Housekeeping. It's sew much more professional to use Wiss Shears and Scissors
1951-05-LHJ-It%27s-sew-much-more-professional thumbnail
1951 May. Ladies Home Journal. It's sew much more professional to use Wiss Shears and Scissors
1952-May-Cappers-Farmer-4-part-sewing-harmony thumbnail
1952 May. Cappers Farmer. 4 part sewing harmony by Wiss
1952-Good-Housekeeping-Pinking-Shears thumbnail
1952. Good Housekeeping. Wiss Pinking Shears put pleasure-plus into sewing
1952-Oct-Country-Gentleman-Wiss-Pinking-Shears thumbnail
1952 Oct. Country Gentleman. Wiss Pinking Shears — put pleasure-plus into sewing
1952-Nov-LHJ-Wiss-Dressmakers-Shears thumbnail
1952 Nov. Ladies Home Journal. Wiss Dressmakers Shears — as essential as pins and a pattern!
GH-1953-04 thumbnail
1953 April. Good Housekeeping. Cut your pattern the professional way with Wiss Dressmaker's Shears
1953-June-GH-Cut-your-slipcovers thumbnail
1953 June. Good Housekeeping. Cut your slipcovers the quick, easy way with Wiss Dressmaker's Shears
1953-Oct-GH-Wiss-Pinker-Fashions thumbnail
1953 Oct. Good Housekeeping. Wiss Pinker Fashions...new and fun to make!
GH-1954-05 thumbnail
1954 May. Good Housekeeping. Make these and dozens more Wiss Pinker Fashions with Wiss Pinking Shears
1954-Oct-Country-Gentleman-Mamma-cut-it-out thumbnail
1954 Oct. Country Gentleman. "Mamma cut it out in no time!"
GH-1957-05 thumbnail
1957 May. Good Housekeeping. before you cut into that lovely Spring flannel be sure you have the very best shears: Wiss
1957-New-The-Only-Shears thumbnail
1957 Good Housekeeping New! The Only Shears of Their Kind in the World! Wiss Skalloping Shears
1958-Any-way-you-cut-it thumbnail
1958. Any way you cut it-
1959-GH-Pinking-and-Skalloping thumbnail
1959. Good Housekeeping. Pinking and Skalloping, 2 expert ways...
1967-Feb-Co-Ed-Wiss-can-be-the-start thumbnail
1967 Feb. Co Ed Magazine. Wiss can be the start of something big
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