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1902-1909-Delineator-If-You-Don%27t-See-This thumbnail
1902-1909. The Delineator. If You Don't See This It Isn't A Wiss
1902-1909-Delineator-Look-for-the-Name thumbnail
1902-1909. The Delineator. Look for the Name Wiss whenever you go to buy Shears and Scissors.
1905-Delineator-Shears-And-Scissors-For-Christmas thumbnail
1905. The Delineator. Wiss Shears And Scissors For Christmas. A virtually identical ad appeared in a 1905 Ladies Home Journal. The major difference is that it had 15-33 Littleton Ave.
1905-GH-Stielweld-Shears thumbnail
1905. Good Housekeeping. Wiss “Stielweld” Shears. The same ad also appeared in GH in 1906.
1906-Feb-LHJ-Stielweld-Shears thumbnail
1906 Feb. Ladies Home Journal. Wiss “Stielweld” Shears
1906-Apr-LHJ-Stielweld-Shears thumbnail
1906 April. Ladies Home Journal. Wiss “Stielweld” Shears
1906-Sept-LHJ-Built-On-True-Lines thumbnail
1906 Sept. Ladies Home Journal. Built On True Lines: Wiss “Stielweld” Scissors
1906-Nov-LHJ-Stielweld-Scissors thumbnail
1906 Nov. Ladies Home Journal. Wiss “Stielweld” Scissors
1907-LHJ-Stielweld-Shears thumbnail
1907. Wiss “Stielweld” Shears. Probably Ladies Home Journal.
1908-Mar-LHJ-Our-Guarantee thumbnail
1908 March. Ladies Home Journal. Our Guarantee
1910-Wiss-Has-Perfected-a-Shear thumbnail
1910. Wiss Has Perfected a Shear That Will Not Break. 5" x 7-3/4"
1922-Have-You-a-Pair thumbnail
1922. Have You a Pair of Wiss Scissors?
W407 thumbnail
1923. A Wiss 12 page publication to their dealers with the ads to be run in the Fall.
1923-Aug-23-Hardware-Age-The-Easiest-Line thumbnail
1923 Aug 23. Hardware Age. The Easiest Line to Sell
1924-Oct-23-Hardware-Age-cover thumbnail
1924 Oct 23. Hardware Age. cover
1928-May-12-SatEvePost-Remarkable-Torsion thumbnail
1928 May 12. The Saturday Evening Post. Remarkable Torsion in Razor Steel Shear Blades Gives Added Cutting Power
1930-Jun-Delineator-Wiss-Scissors-easily-cut thumbnail
1930 June. The Delineator. Wiss Scissors ...easily cut 8 thicknesses
1936-Dec-The-American-Home-to-a-lady-who thumbnail
1936 Dec. The American Home. to a lady who likes to cook
1938-Mar-Successful-Farming-Kitchen-Shears thumbnail
1938 March. Successful Farming. Giant Kitchen Shears
1939-Oct-19-Hardware-Age-New-Wiss-Gift-Ideas thumbnail
1939 Oct 19. Hardware Age. New Wiss Gift Ideas For The Christmas Season
1942-03-14-SatEvePost-Wiss-Shears-and-Scissors thumbnail
1942 March 14. The Saturday Evening Post. Wiss Shears and Scissors Belong in America's Victory Program
GH-1955-10 thumbnail
1955 Oct. Good Housekeeping. Any task worth doing is worth doing well with Wiss Shears & Scissors
1956-Dec-Farm-Journal-Any-task-worth-doing thumbnail
1956 Dec. Farm Journal. Any task worth doing is worth doing well with Wiss Shears & Scissors
1962-11-McCalls-Wiss-shears-really-last thumbnail
1962 Nov. McCalls. Wiss shears really last
GH-1976-05 thumbnail
1976 May. Good Housekeeping Wiss Contura-lite Shears. Now in tortoise-shell.
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