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Tin Snips

1936-Hardware-Age-this-snips-cuts thumbnail 1936. Hardware Age. this snips cuts circles, scrolls, squares as easily as a straight line
Pop-Mech-1952-05 thumbnail 1952 May. Popular Mechanics. Buy the Best... WISS! for all sheet metal cutting
Pop-Mech-1958-09 thumbnail 1958 September. Popular Mechanics. Cut it with Wiss
1961-Sept-PopMech-Wiss-Snips-Cut-Best thumbnail 1961 Sept. Popular Mechanics. Wiss Snips Cut Best
Pop-Sci-1974-11 thumbnail 1974 November. Popular Science. How to Cut Metal the Old-Fashioned Way. Wiss Metalmaster Snips. The New-Fashioned Way to Cut Metal.