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Gift Sets

1924-Sharp-Scissors-That-Last thumbnail 1924. Either from The Delineator or Good Housekeeping. Sharp Scissors That Last a Lifetime. This also appeared in another magazine with "write for booklet M."
1937-Life-Mag-for-keen-appreciation thumbnail 1937. Life Magazine. for keen appreciation - - Wiss Gift Sets
Vogue-1937-12-01 thumbnail 1937 December 1st. Vogue. For Keen Appreciation: Wiss Gift Sets
Vogue-1939-12-01 thumbnail 1939 December 1st. Vogue. "It's a Gift"
SatEvePost-1940-11-30 thumbnail 1940 November 30th. The Saturday Evening Post. Hello Santa. Give me Wiss!
Vogue-1941-09-01 thumbnail 1941 September 1st. Vogue. "Happy Thoughts" for a Happy Easter: WISS Scissors and Gift Sets
Holiday-1947-Dec thumbnail 1947 Dec. Holiday Magazine. Wiss Gift Sets are back - finer and more beautiful than ever!
1948-Mar-Vanity-Fair thumbnail 1948 March. Vanity Fair. Everybody's Sewing...so this Easter give Wiss
Vogue-1948-03-15 thumbnail 1948 March 15th. Vogue. Everybody's Sewing...so this Easter give Wiss Scissors and Shears in Sets
SatEvePost-1948-06-12 thumbnail 1948 June 12th. The Saturday Evening Post. Dad knows good grooming is good business: Give Him A WISS Manicure Set for Father's Day
Vogue-1948-12 thumbnail 1948 December. Vogue. You're set for Christmas with WISS Scissors Sets
Holiday-1949-Dec thumbnail 1949 Dec. Holiday. Wiss Gift Sets ...for those particular names on your list
1950-Apr-Holiday-Take-a-tip-from-the-Bunny thumbnail 1950 April. Holiday Magazine. Take a tip from the Bunny.. say "Happy Easter" the Wiss Gift Set Way
SatEvePost-1957-11-23 thumbnail 1957 November 23rd. The Saturday Evening Post. Wiss ... a gift for every man or miss
1957-Dec-Holiday-Gift-Sets thumbnail 1957 Dec. Holiday Magazine. Wiss Gift Sets
New-Yorker-1957-12-07 thumbnail 1957 December 7th. The New Yorker. Wiss ... a gift for every man or miss
1958-Dec-Holiday-novel-gifts-for-every-miss thumbnail 1958 Dec. Holiday Magazine. Wiss ...novel gifts for every miss
1959-Gift-Suggestions-by-Wiss thumbnail 1959. Gift Suggestions by Wiss