J. Wiss Paper Sleeves Used Over The Years

This has no zone in the address. That makes it pre-1943. This large sleeve was from a 39 1/2, which is a model I have never seen in a catalog. So I added the shears to my collection.

pre1943-large-front   pre1943-large-back

Also pre-1943 but for a smaller shears.

pre1943-small-front   pre1943-small-back

This is probably pre-1948. No mention of the 100 years.

plain-front   plain-back

This has a zone on the back (but not on front), so definitely made after 1943. The style of the pictured kitchen shears ended in the late 1940s. And no mention of the 1948 centennial.

1943-1948-f   1943-1948-

This one has a 1948 date on it. Most likely a supply was printed that year.

100-years-front   100-years-back

The zone in the address puts us into the 1943-1963 period. I presume the switch to white paper took place in the 1950s. The shears in the sleeve was then in a labeled box.

1943-63-front   1943-63-back

The Zip code here puts us after 1963.

Zipcode-front   Zipcode-back

In the past the shears in the sleeves were then put in a labeled box. To reduce costs that stopped. Now sleeves had to include the model.

Zipcode-large-front   Zipcode-large-back