Collection of Pictures of Wiss Mementos and Ephemera

19th Century

J-Wiss-Cutler-26-Bank-St thumbnail J Wiss Cutler, 26 Bank St. Storefront Picture
A circa 1870-1871 picture of the business. It is an albumen print of Jacob Wiss in front of his shop. He lived upstairs. Alongside of Jacob (born 1817) is Frederick C.J. Wiss (born 1858). Jacob's wife Maria (born 1827) and older daughter Mary (born 1855) are in upstairs windows. Louis T. Wiss (born 1860) and the younger daughter Augusta (born 1867) are in the entrance to upstairs. The same photo also appears in a business card.

FCJWiss Show Pass thumbnail Frederick C.J. Wiss Exhibitor's Pass
A pass to the 1876 Centennial International Exposition in Philadelphia. It has his picture. He was 18 years old at the time. He attended for five days in November.


Wiss Picnic 1916 pin thumbnail Wiss Picnic, 1916 Pin
Picture is of Frederick C.J. Wiss. 1916 was the 250th anniversary of the founding of Newark. The Wiss factory was involved in the ceremony.

button mirror back Wiss Shears & Scissors Mirror Back Button
A mirror back button can be used as an accessible compact mirror. The imprint: Wiss Shears & Scissors Built for Service. Cut Clean and Smooth. ALWAYS SHARP. Look For The Name WISS. Accept No Substitute.

RazorPin thumbnail Razor Pin
A promotional label pin with the slogan: Wiss Razor: For A Smooth Shave.

1948 Centennial

100th Anniversary Celebration thumbnail 100th Anniversary Celebration Program
From the celebration dinner on September 18, 1948 at the Mosque Terrace Room, Broad St, Newark, NJ. Includes list of employees with over 25 years of service. This is the Terrace Ballroom in the Mosque Theater, which is now known as Newark Symphony Hall. The Terrace Ballroom is still used for receptions. Also in PDF.

100thAnniversaryCelebrationPhoto thumbnail 100th Anniversary Celebration Photo
Of the head table. Taken at the celebration dinner on September 18, 1948.

matches thumbnail Matches
From 1948.

Newark 300th Centennial: 1966

rose 'Pride of Newark' Rose
This rose was sponsored by Wiss in 1966. It was planted at the base of the Kennedy statue in Military Park. This was the 300th anniversary celebration of Newark, and the park was renovated.


low-ball glasses thumbnail Low-Ball cocktail glasses
From the late 1950s. The bottom edge has scalloping, and scalloping shears did not come out until 1957. They were given to stockholders and clients.

high-ball glasse thumbnail High-Ball cocktail glass
from the late 1950s. Same story as prior entry.

Tie Clasps

tie-clip1 thumbnail Pinking Shears Tie Clasp.
Probably from the 1930s, when pinking shears were introduced.

tie-clip3 thumbnail Scissors Tie Clasp
1 3/4" long.

tie-clip4 thumbnail Scissors Tie Clasp
1 3/4" long.

tie-clip2 thumbnail Scissors Tie Clasp
Made by Swank. 1 3/4" long. This is a newer version with a spring and alligator clip back. This is the one that will appear on eBay once or twice a year.

brooch pin Scissors Brooch Pin
The brooch pin is less common than the tie tacks. Approx. 1-5/8" wide.

Give Aways

Carborundum stone Carborundum Stone Memento
A small sharpening stone in a plastic sheath. Imprint is: Wiss Knife Edge Shears Cut Tough Materials Easier: J. Wiss & Sons Co., Newark, N.J. 07107. It dates to after knife edge shears were introduced in the early 1970s.

leather sheath Leather Sheath Memento
The sheath would protect the blade of a small scissors. Imprints: One side: Compliments of J. Wiss & Sons Co., Newark, N.J. Other side: High Grade Shears, Scissors, Razors, Manicure Implements, Cutlery.

Marketing Ephemera

sword thumbnail 1890s Sword Letterpress Block

block thumbnail Copper Letterpress Block

electro thumbnail Electrotype Letterpress Blocks for Wiss Shears and Scissors
My collection of 20 blocks.

Payroll Pouch
Circa 1906
payroll pouch thumbnail
Payroll Pouch
Circa 1900s
PayrollCashPouch thumbnail
Payroll Pouch
Circa 1918
paper-pouch thumbnail

M1-AdvertisingPlaque thumbnail M1 Advertising Plaque
A wooden plaque with a raised Metalmaster tin snips. Purpose unknown. On the back is a 1981 date. This would be from after J. Wiss & Sons was sold.

Factory Tags

metal tag 19th c 1.25 in Round Metal Tag, 19th Century
Presumably for inventory. Maybe to show taxes paid. Incused on brass: J. Wiss & Sons Newark, N.J. 1896 1892 8681 1897 1896 3052 I88T. Holed for suspension.

metal tag Round Metal Tag
Presumably for inventory. Maybe to show taxes paid. J. Wiss & Sons Newark, N.J. 1916 1917 1918 1919 and 5900. All letters and numbers incused. Looks like nickel. About 31mm in diameter (little under 1-1/4"). Holed for suspension.

Included With Shears

four boxes Four Dealer Quantity Boxes
An eBay seller was offering these four lovely boxes in May 2019. Each box holds six pair. Boxes for: 573-3/4 Manicure Scissors, 105 Sewing Scissors, 336 Light Pattern Scissors, and A12 Forged Steel Snips.

paper sleeve thumbnail Paper Sleeves Over The Years
This started with scans of the sleeves in my collection. There are many variations yet to be obtained. ANd many here not yet scanned.

mailing bag thumbnail Parts Mailing Bag
From the 1960s.

labels thumbnail Sticky Labels
These were used on various garden tools and tinners' snips. Circa Late 1960s.

decal thumbnail Decal strip
A strip of 10 water slide decalcomanias with the Wiss logo. Not a memento, but a part used in the production of an item. I have seen it on a Model 700 grass clippers. I picked the decal up when I worked at the factory for Summers 1968 and 1969.

Wiss-wrench thumbnail Wiss wrench
I stumbled upon this picture in 2003. It made no sense. I saved the picture. I've now found in the 1925 through 1937 catalogs that shears fitted with the Wiss "Facile" Screw-Bolt had a small wrench furnished free to adjust the tension. This must be one of them. This bolt was discontinued by 1941 and in 1916 the bolt existed, but the wrench was not offered. See 1934 catalog: page 14.