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Wiss Razor Styles by Catalog

Some, listed at the bottom of a grouping, and not appearing in a catalog, probably have replaced scales.

Wiss Razor Styles by Catalog
Sub-Group Name 1907
Style Letter
ABlack Wave
BBlack Bead
CBlack Scroll
DWhite Onyx• (wave)
EWhite Wave
FWhite Scroll
GWhite Bead
HWhite Ribbed
IImitation Ivory
J[Imitation] Amber
KOval Imitation Onyx
LWhite Oval
MKnotted Antique [bamboo]
NFlat White Bone, Hand Carved
OOval Cornelian
PFancy Bone, Hand Carved
RFlat Bone, Hand Carved
SOval Bone
TFlat Bone
VFlat Shell
XRed [translucent (violet)]• (violet)• (violet)
YBlue/White Laminate [old]
2AOval Black, Silver Tipped
2BFlat Black
2CFlat White Bone
2DBlack Fancy Design [flowing hair]
2EFancy Antique [leaves and X's]
2FKoko-Bolo, Silver Tipped
2GFlat White [scales squared far end]
2HFlat Oak
2IFancy Antique
2JFlat Shell [scales squared far end]
2KFancy White [Acanthus Leaves]
2LWhite Oval, Silver Tipped
2MFlat Cardinal [translucent red]
2NOval White
2OFlat Amber [opaque marbled, old]
2OOrange marbled, single pin
2OFlat Amber [translucent]
2PFlat Oak
2RFancy Antique
2SOval Pearl Finish, Silver Tipped
2TFancy Antique
2UFlat Pearl Finish
2VOval Shell, Silver Tipped
2WFlat, Golden Pearl
2XGreen [translucent]
noneWhite Fancy Design [flowing hair]
Name on Blade
Wiss BestFancy White (2K) [ivory tang]
Wiss FavoriteWoman Flowing Hair (2D) [ivory tang]
Wiss SpecialWhite Wave (E)
Sure ComfortWhite Bead (G)
Sure ComfortGaucho bull and horses
Wiss PerfectionFancy White (2K) [ivory tang]
Wiss EliteWoman Flowing Hair (2D) [ivory tang]
Wiss IdealWhite Wave (E)
Wiss SuperiorWhite Bead (G)
Barber's IdealFlat Black Rubber (2B)
Wiss BestFlat White
Wiss FavoriteFlat Black (2B) - 465
Wiss SpecialFlat Black Rubber (2B)
Wiss Sure ComfortFlat Black Rubber (2B)
Wiss EliteFlat White (I) [ivory tang]
Wiss Sure ComfortWhite Scroll
Wiss Sure ComfortFlat White (I)
Wiss FavoriteFlat White (I)
Name on Tang Front
Golden EagleFlat Golden Pearl Scales, Gold Plated
AristocratFlat White Celluloid
AristocratFlat Bakelite
ImpFlat White Celluloid (round ends)
ImpFlat White Celluloid (pointed ends)
NubianBlack Bead (B)
NubianWhite Bead (G)
NubianWhite Celluloid (I)
NubianImitation Amber Flat
WissdomFlat Black Rubber (2B)
Barber's IdealFlat Black Rubber (2B)
CosmoOval Bakelite
EssexOval Bakelite
EssexBamboo Tortoise
1915Oval Bakelite
1915White Oval Celluloid
Name on Tang Back
Wiss BestFlat White (2G)
Wiss SpecialFlat Black Rubber (2B)
Wiss De Luxe4 Types: pearl, ivory, etc.