J. Wiss & Sons: Straight Razors

razor-poster Jacob Wiss founded the company in 1848 as Jacob Wiss Cutlery. The earliest mention of razors is this Newark Business Directory 1852-53. The 1911 catalog claims that the Wiss razor has been the standard of razor excellence for 60 years. Production of Wiss razors ended in the latter part of 1923. Wiss razors with tangs made by Wade Butcher and other European (e.g. German) manufacturers appear on eBay. Apparently after production stopped they continued to fill orders for razors with tangs made by others. Razors no longer appeared on the 1924 price list. The 1925 catalog lists razors on the cover, but they are not shown within. The market for straight razors collapsed after WWI. They gave all the GIs safety razors, and they returned home in 1919.

Catalogs With Razors

Scale Materials

Wiss Razor Ads

Pictures of Wiss Razors

I started harvesting pictures of Wiss razors that passed through eBay in March 2008. With the catalogs I have tried to match them against their style names. The best example of each variation was selected for here. Once into the picture pages, you can scroll between the razors.

Wiss Scales Available

Going through the catalogs I have been able to make a chart of what razor scale styles where available when.

Wiss Blade Variations

In the razors with the Style letters you picked your handle and matched it with your choice of blade.