Maps of Wiss Store Newark Locations

After these locations, the Newark store was located in the Wiss Building.
1868. Wiss is still located at 13 Bank St. Bank Street is the street between the maps. 26-28 Bank Street has shallower buildings than what Wiss moved into in 1869. Source map: Vanduyne & Shermans Newark Atlas. Plate 19.


1873. Bank St. is along the right. You can see Jacob Wiss now has many buildings on Library Court, which mostly appear on the prior map. Source map: Newark Atlas. Second Ward.


An 1889 map of 755 Broad St. The store was at this location from 1889-1903. The Wiss Store is labeled on this one. They were pushed out of 26 Bank St. by The Prudential Ins. Co., which has now assembled the land for their 1892 building. Source Map: Newark Atlas, Plate 2


An 1892 map of 755 Broad Street again. This is a Sanborn map, which was primarily for the insurance companies to evaluate risk. Sheet 113 on Source Map: Vol. 2.


A 1901 map. In that year the store was located at 755 Broad St. That is along the right, and the building does not have a tenant name. Source map: Newark Atlas, Plate 8.


A 1908 map when the Wiss Store was located at 683 Broad Street. The store was at this location from May 1, 1903 to 1911, when they moved into the Wiss Building. The map here has The David Straus Co in that location. The Newark Directory has both at this address. Source Map: Sanborn, Vol. 3, Sheet 14.