Customer Service Department Postcards: 1947-1959

Postcards sent to customers that inquired about sharpening their pinking shears. These cards are the only documentation of the Model "D" pinking shears. The D appears to have come out between mid-1941 and mid-1942, as it is not in the 1941 catalog, and lacks the mid-1942 patent number. It was discontinued before the 1950 catalog was printed. The first card shows the old style of the Model "A". I believe the new style came out before 1947. The first card also mentions an obsolete Model B. I don't know what it was. Presumably early 1930s before the Model C came out circa 1933.
1947 Postmark


1952 Postmark


1954 and 1956 Postmarks


1959 and 1960 Postmarks