1940s Literature

Table of Contents:

General Catalogs

55-37-rev41 thumbnail Shears, Scissors, Tinners' Snips by Wiss
Catalog number 55-37-rev41
A 32 page revised version of the 1937 catalog (which had 52 pages), dated March 15, 1941. Measures 5-1/8" × 6-5/8". Also in PDF.

56-41 thumbnail Shears and Scissors: For Home and Factory Use
Catalog number 56-41
Later in 1941 they started printing all new catalogs. [Things must have improved with the war spending.] Measures 8-1/2" × 11", 3-ring punched and in a folder. Also in PDF.

1940s-late-catalog-sheets thumbnail A 4 Page Catalog covering the Consumer Product Lines
Circa Late 1940s

Tinners' Snips

tinners-snips-1940 thumbnail "High-Power" Tinners' Snips: 1940
10 pages including covers. 8-1/2" × 11".
The 1940 edition has two pages of display units that are not in the 1941 or 1944 editions. Also see cover letter. Also in PDF.

tinners-snips-1941 thumbnail "High-Power" Tinners' Snips: 1941
12 pages including covers. 5" × 6-1/2". Also in PDF.

tinners-snips-1944 thumbnail "High-Power" Tinners' Snips: 1944
8 pages including covers. 8-1/2" × 11".

Books/Promotional Folders/Sheets

GT-1941-50 Folder on hedge shears with bumper
Plus ten garden shears suggestions, plus when to prune chart. Printed 1941.

letter-cover-for-1940-tin-snips Form Cover Letter: March 25, 1940
The cover letter for the Wiss Tinner Snips catalog. Announces new Metalmaster combination action snips.

MM-1-41-25 Wiss Metal-Master
Circa 1940. Shows how two matched patterns, the M-1 and M-2, which together allow you to cut to the right and cut to the left. 3-1/4" × 6-3/16".

RMM-3-4025 Rubber Guard Grips for Metalmaster
Circa 1940. Optional rubber grips for 25¢ per pair. Back lists how great the shears are. 3-1/8" × 6-3/16".

BookCoverLetter Cover Letter for "A Story of Shears and Scissors"
Dated November 23, 1948. New stationery this year. Also in PDF.

shears-scissors-newspaper-clip Story of Scissors: Wiss Co. Publishes Book to Mark Plant's 100th Year
A newspaper article announcing the publication of the 100th anniversary book.

Cust-Serv-Dept-postcards Customer Service Department Postcards: 1947-1959
Postcards sent to customers that inquired about sharpening their pinking shears.


label for 78 vinyl album thumbnail This is NJ. A weekly radio series by the State Conservation and Economic Development in cooperation with the NJ Manufacturers Association, broadcast "A Story of Scissors and Shears" in 1948. This 15 minute MP3 was made from two 78-rpm records (three sides).

Inserts/Flyers (included with shears)

Piece of paper that was included with Model C pinking shears from 1938-1949:

Pinker insert front thumbnail Pinking Shear instructions:
Pinker insert back thumbnail Pinking Shear instructions:

Piece of paper that was included with the second generation Model A pinking shears from c1945-1949:

Pinker-A-insert thumbnail Pinking Shear instructions.

Silver Note thumbnail Silver Note circa 1941
During WWII there was a shortage of nickel. Nickel hardens steel and it was used for armoring. This paper was included with silver plated pinkers.

Nickel Note thumbnail Nickel Note circa 1941
During WWII there was a shortage of nickel. Nickel hardens steel and it was used for armoring. I don't know what the finish is on this pair. It is not silver plated, like some from this era were.

hang-tags thumbnail Pinking Shears Hang Tags
The series of hang tags attached to the pinking shears starting in the mid-1930s, and continuing to early 1950.

chrome tags thumbnail Chromium Plated Hang Tag
Used from late 1940s to early 1950s.

FH-3-instructions thumbnail FH-3 instructions
Folder that was included with the FH-3 Flower Holding Shears. Printed June 1948. Also see pictures of an FH-3.

Catalog Sheets

CaliforniaHardwareCo1942 thumbnail Display Cases
A couple pages from a 1942 California Hardware Co. catalog. Four display cases and their contents are listed. They are: Floor case, Revolving counter display case, Counter or wall case, and Counter case.