J. Wiss & Sons Co. 1848-1976
Booklets, flyers, and ads from the 1940s.

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tinners-snips-1940 thumbnail "High-Power" Tinners' Snips: 1940
10 pages including covers. 8-1/2" × 11".
The 1940 edition has two pages of display units that are not in the 1941 or 1944 editions. Also see cover letter. Also in PDF.

tinners-snips-1941 thumbnail "High-Power" Tinners' Snips: 1941
12 pages including covers. 5" × 6-1/2". Also in PDF.

tinners-snips-1944 thumbnail "High-Power" Tinners' Snips: 1944
8 pages including covers. 8-1/2" × 11".

55-37-rev41 thumbnail Shears, Scissors, Tinners' Snips by Wiss
Catalog number 55-37-rev41
A 32 page revised version of the 1937 catalog (which had 52 pages), dated March 15, 1941. Measures 5-1/8" × 6-5/8". Also in PDF.

56-41 thumbnail Shears and Scissors: For Home and Factory Use
Catalog number 56-41
Later in 1941 they started printing all new catalogs. [Things must have improved with the war spending.] Measures 8-1/2" × 11", 3-ring punched and in a folder. Also in PDF.

1940s-late-catalog-sheets thumbnail A 4 Page Catalog covering the Consumer Product Lines
Circa Late 1940s

Books/Promotional Folders/Sheets

GT-1941-50 Folder on hedge shears with bumper
Plus ten garden shears suggestions, plus when to prune chart. Printed 1941.

letter-cover-for-1940-tin-snips Form Cover Letter: March 25, 1940
The cover letter for the Wiss Tinner Snips catalog. Announces new Metalmaster combination action snips.

RMM-3-4025 Rubber Guard Grips for Metalmaster
Circa 1940. Optional rubber grips for 25¢ per pair. Back lists how great the shears are. 3-1/8" × 6-3/16".

MM-1-41-25 Wiss Metal-Master
Circa 1941. Shows how two matched patterns, the M-1 and M-2, which together allow you to cut to the right and cut to the left. 3-1/4" × 6-3/16".

BookCoverLetter Cover Letter for "A Story of Shears and Scissors"
Dated November 23, 1948. New stationery this year. Also in PDF.

shears-scissors-newspaper-clip Story of Scissors: Wiss Co. Publishes Book to Mark Plant's 100th Year
A newspaper article announcing the publication of the 100th anniversary book.

Cust-Serv-Dept-postcards Customer Service Department Postcards: 1947-1959
Postcards sent to customers that inquired about sharpening their pinking shears.


label for 78 vinyl album thumbnail This is NJ. A weekly radio series by the State Conservation and Economic Development in cooperation with the NJ Manufacturers Association, broadcast "A Story of Scissors and Shears" in 1948. This MP3 file (Length: 15:02) was made from two 78-rpm records (three sides).

Inserts/Flyers (included with shears)

Piece of paper that was included with Model C pinking shears from 1938-1949:

Pinker insert front thumbnail Pinking Shear instructions:
Pinker insert back thumbnail Pinking Shear instructions:

Piece of paper that was included with the second generation Model A pinking shears from c1945-1949:

Pinker-A-insert thumbnail Pinking Shear instructions.

Nickel Note thumbnail Nickel Note circa 1941
During WWII there was a shortage of nickel. Nickel hardens steel and it was used for armoring. I don't know what the finish is on this pair. It is not silver plated, like some from this era were.

hang-tags thumbnail Pinking Shears Hang Tags
The series of hang tags attached to the pinking shears starting in the mid-1930s, and continuing to early 1950.

FH-3-instructions thumbnail FH-3 instructions
Folder that was included with the FH-3 Flower Holding Shears. Printed June 1948. Also see pictures of an FH-3.

Catalog Sheets

CaliforniaHardwareCo1942 thumbnail Display Cases
A couple pages from a 1942 California Hardware Co. catalog. Four display cases and their contents are listed. They are: Floor case, Revolving counter display case, Counter or wall case, and Counter case.

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