Wiss Maplewood/Union, NJ Properties

J. Wiss & Sons bought three properties in Maplewood and Union, NJ.
  1. In 1958 Wiss bought the Kroyden plant at 228 Burnett Ave and used it to make garden tools and pinking shears.

  2. In 1962 Wiss bought 1-1/2 acres at 1835 Burnet Avenue, Union, NJ which adjoined the Maplewood plant plant. The New York Times and The Newark Evening News. Wiss then constructed a building. Google Maps Today. Just to the right of it is an old railroad right-of-way. The first Maplewood property purchase, the Kroyden plant, is just above this new property, and runs from Burnett Ave at the left, to the old railroad right-of-way on the right.

  3. In March 1970 Wiss bought Boker Knives.


This 1928 Sanborn Map, shows the Rahway Valley RR's spur into The Kroydon Company's plant, located along Burnett Ave. in Maplewood. The plant was located alongside H. Boker & Co., another RVRR customer. Map courtesy of Don Maxton. From TrainWeb.


A Google Map with a pin at 1835 Burnet Avenue, Union. The building is now Kalustyan's warehouse. Some adjoining property has to be giving the property a right-of-way.


Aerial Views

  1. Kroyden plant bought 1958 and used to make garden tools.
  2. 1835 Burnett Ave, Union. The land was bought in 1962 and the building seen was built by Wiss as a distribution center.
  3. Boker Knives bought March 1970.

Image from Bing Maps. #2 must have right-of-ways to get to.


A Bing Bird's Eye Map. The dotted line across the images is the dividing line between Maplewood (above) and Union (below).


From Zillow you can see the current property lines on a Google Satellite Map. The properties have been chopped up. The diagonal line through the properties is the dividing line between Maplewood and Union.