HD-100 Display & Stock Container

You can see the HD-100 marketing brochure for this cabinet.

Measures 20" tall, 17" wide, 12" deep. Storage area is in the back.

Auction listing:
From a local Pennsylvania estate is a Vintage Wiss Cutlery glass slant front General Store Counter Top display case. The glass door is a lift top door the swings open nicely to let you get to the display items. The wood on this case appears to be made of maple, and from the writing on the front of the case and the paper in the back, this was made to display shears and scissors. Inside the glass front, there are still 14 of the original coated price buttons, and what makes this a super find is in the back, there is the inventory paper dated 1949 detailing what this cabinet originally held and its appropriate prices. The top features dovetailed jointing, and this appears to be in good condition. The wood shows slight wear, we haven't attempted to clean it. On the front, the are small chips out of the "Wiss Est. 1848" brand logo, glass is in good condition. This case measures approx. 19.5" in height by approx. 17.25" in width by 13.25" in depth.









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