Trimline Shears & Scissors Display Case

A veneer wood Wiss Trimline Shears Display Case circa 1965-1976. This is a countertop display with two wooden legs measuring 25" × 20 ¾" × 7 ½" deep. It has two heavy thick glass doors that measure 12" wide × 17" tall × 3/8" thick. The glass alone weighs 8 lbs. The glass doors have a finger groove in each one to aid in sliding doors. It has 15 places (8 upper & 7 lower) to hang scissors, etc. with heavy hooks already attached. The display board has the following in print for the scissors it once displayed: Dressmakers, Left Hand, Trimming, Pinking, Scalloping, Sewing & Embroidery, Sewing. Some are repeated and some do not have any labels. This display case was in the E.W. Bates Hardware store in Springfield, KY until 2000. The case was sold on eBay in February 2008.