The Wiss Family Houses in Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ

Initially the patriarch, Frederick C.J. Wiss summered in Bradley Beach, then moved to Avon-by-the-Sea in the mid-teens. His sister-in-law was also there. The next generation followed, though all of that generation had to sell their houses in the 1930s depression. [Exactly when is unclear. Would require property records check.] The grandchildren then stayed on the third floor at FCJ Wiss's house.

Second Generation:

Third Generation:

Frederick C.J. Wiss & Charlotte Wiss: 112 5th Ave, Bradley Beach
Prior to Avon they rented or owned in Bradley Beach. Presumably this was before 1913. This address is also listed for Robert Wiss & Laura Reininger Wiss. FCJ was here in 1917, according to a donation of knitted items reported in The Asbury Park Press. He was likely also here in 1918.

112 5th Ave, Bradley Beach, NJ

Frederick C.J. Wiss & Charlotte Wiss: ???, Bradley Beach
This was the house they rented in 1919. They may have also stayed here in 1920, waiting for the Avon house to be completed. Address unknown.

Bradley Beach 1919

Frederick C.J. Wiss & Charlotte Wiss: 26 Lincoln Ave.
Built circa 1921. Sold in 1956. Was torn down in 2009. See six pictures.

26 Lincoln Ave

Mrs. Louis T. Wiss: 19 Norwood Ave
Address found in 1916 phone directory. But Zillow says the house at this address was built in 1920. Picture from Google Maps.


Next Generation

Norman F. Wiss [Sr] & Mildred Sommer Wiss: 101 Lincoln Ave
Built by them, sold in the depression of the 1930s. Originally had salt marsh behind it. (House has an Extreme flood risk of 9/10, though that likely doesn't account for the hill is was set on. And the house may not have a basement.) Now with front dormer, porches connected across the front, and an addition across the back. See five pictures.

101 Lincoln Ave

Jerome (Buck) Baker Wiss & Grace Valentine Wiss: 32 Lincoln Ave
Just west of #26. Sold a year or two after Norman Wiss sold their house in the 1930s depression. See three pictures.

32 Lincon Ave

J. Robert Wiss & Laura Reininger Wiss: first block of Sylvania Ave.
He sold about when Jerome sold.