J. Wiss Cutler, 26 Bank Street: With Family, circa 1870-1871

An albumen print of Jacob Wiss in front of his shop. He lived upstairs. Alongside of Jacob (born 1817) is Frederick C.J. Wiss (born 1858). Jacob's wife Maria (born 1827) and older daughter Mary (born 1855) are in upstairs windows. Louis T. Wiss (born 1860) and the younger daughter Augusta (born 1867) are in the entrance to upstairs. 28 Bank Street is the right side of the building. The signs for that store were edited out of the picture. Library Court is the alley just to the right of the building. Circa 1870-71. 10-1/4" 14". This is in my collection. Click on web-sized picture to get full-sized one.


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