J. Wiss & Sons Co. Ads:
Garden Shears

BHG1929 thumbnail 1929. Better Homes & Garden. Make child's play of hedge trimming— Wiss Hedge Shears cut easily...
1936-Apr-BHG-A-Famous-Trio thumbnail 1936 April. Better Homes & Garden. A Famous Trio for Garden Lovers!
1938-Mar-House-Garden-Husky-Branches thumbnail 1938 March. House Garden. Husky Branches Snip Right Off!
BHG-1939-05 thumbnail 1939 May. Better Homes & Garden. Sweet Cutters With The "Jolt" Removed
SatEvePost-1941 thumbnail 1941. The Saturday Evening Post. Built for He-Men ... but Smooth Enough for the Ladies: Wiss Garden Shears
1950-BHG-Wiss-Shears-Do-It-Best thumbnail 1950 or 1952. Better Homes & Garden. Wiss Shears Do It Best*
SatEvePost-1950-04-29 thumbnail 1950 April 29. The Saturday Evening Post. It's long-term economy to buy Wiss ...Garden Cutting Tools of the best quality
1952-Feb-21-Hardware-Age-All-Wiss-garden-tools thumbnail 1952 Feb 21. Hardware Age. All Wiss garden tools are Best Sellers
Pop-Mech-1956-04 thumbnail 1956 April. Popular Mechanics. Finest you can buy! Wiss. No. 908 "Hy-Power" Pruner
SatEvePost-1961-04-22 thumbnail 1961 April 22nd. The Saturday Evening Post. Wiss Cuts Best
1963-SatEvePost-All-New-Wiss-Wizz thumbnail 1963. The Saturday Evening Post. All New Wiss Wizz Grass Shears