Wiss Gift & Tool Sets

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Cowhide Nail Set
In my brother's collection.
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GS-3 Sweetheart Set
I have this set pictured in December ads for 1957-1959. Ad copy: Lovely heart-shaped case adapted from a unique French design with two essentials of sewing—7" dressmakers' shears and 5" sewing-embroidery scissors. Colors: Nile Green, Caribbean Blue, Tapestry Red, Primrose Yellow, Sahara Tan, or Ivory. It retailed for $9.95 at the time. It remained in the catalog through to 1976. At the end colors were reduced to R-Holiday Red, P-Shocking Pink, B-Como Blue, Y-Tropic Yellow. And the suggested retail price was up to $23.95. Pictured here is Sahara Tan.