Wiss Building Pictures from 2007-2013

These two pictures were posted to the Fading Ad Blog by Frank H. Jump in December 2007. They are of the back of the building. They are facing the hill and they may have had good visibility.
newark_wi-1 newark_wi-2
Visit #1

I took the first three pictures in August 2009.

Wiss Building overall in 2010

Wiss Building cornice in 2010

Wiss Building entrance in 2010

Visit #2

I took these pictures in April 2012. A sidewalk shed has appeared.

Front Street View 2012

Cornice Detail

Cornice Detail 2012

Back Side

Back Side 2012

Back Side Sign At Top Closeup

Back Side Sign At Top Closeup 2012

Visit #3

I took these pictures on April 19, 2013. As you can see the building is being torn down.

Looking at the north side of the building. Broad Street is along the left.


Looking at the front



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