Wiss Building Pictures from The Newark Public Library

The Newark Public Library has many downtown Newark pictures which include the Wiss Building. Some are morgue photos from The Newark Evening News. With a couple exceptions, the below are from their Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center. Permission needed from them to reproduce.

View from Prudential Tower, January 9, 1906. The Wiss Building will be built where three low smaller buildings are along the left edge.


1909, probably after May 1st. The three buildings in the middle are where the Wiss Building will be built. They are street nos 671-665. Note signs in stores on their moves, which were called removes back then. Walsh's has a sign of light bulbs, and the store to the left has a hanging light. Photo by Harry O. Potter, Photographer, 839 Broad St, Newark, NJ.


Dated June 8, 1910. The Wiss Building under construction. Photo by William F. Cone, Commercial Photographer, 20 Central Ave, Newark, NJ.


Dated April 28, 1911. The Wiss Building is now completed. The jewelry store has moved into the right storefront. A chauffeur is waiting in the car in front. Photo by William F. Cone, Commercial Photographer, 20 Central Ave, Newark, NJ.


Broad Street from Rector St. Dated May 15, 1924. The Wiss Building is in the distance. Photo by William F. Cone, Commercial Photographer, 20 Central Ave, Newark, NJ.


From a Keystone View Company stereographic card. Titled "From Corner of Commerce and Broad Sts. After 1927. [I have not been able to read what movie is showing at the Loew's State. If you want to try, click on image to get full-size scan.]


Taken by Woolworth Co. Dated June 7, 1930. The Wiss Building is along the left edge with the building number 665. You can see part of the jewelry store windows. Photo by P.O. Valentine, Commercial Photographer, 33 Homestead Park, Newark, NJ.


1944 Photo. From eBay. Reprints can be bought from there.


Dated June 1952. By Charles Curtis - Photo, 154 Nassau St, New York, NY.


Dated April 13, 1956 in lower left of photo. From Newark Association of Commerce & Industry, 605 Broad St, Newark, NJ.


Dated January 13, 1957. Taken the month before. Published in the Newark Evening News: Newark Scenes: Southwest corner of Broad and New Streets today.


Circa December 1957 - January 1958. Taken from 681 Broad St, North. A 1957 Dodge Coronet Lancer is making the turn. "Don't Go Near The Water" is playing at the Loew's. It was released in December 1957.


Dated February 16, 1958. Taken January 30th. Published in the Newark Evening News Local section. A "BUY it" sign has appeared above the Discount Cent storefront, which is not in the prior photo.


Dated November 21, 1958. Published in the Newark Evening News Realty section. 661-663 Broad Street sold by Staats S. Morris estate to Morris Dornfeld of Deal. There is also the comment that Jordans is moving from A to B.


Dated February 27, 1959. Published in the Newark Evening News Realty section. On back: 40 year old Wiss Building at 665-671 Broad St, sold out of the Wiss family four years ago, has been purchased by Newark investment group, Office Buildings of America Inc, with New Jersey participants. Photo by Bert Ross Photography, 370 Clinton Pl, Newark, NJ.


Dated March 1960. Wiss clock is still there in lower right.


Dated December 1, 1960. Published in the Newark Evening News City section. Caption: New Wiss Building planned.


Dated December 1962, but taken in early 1961 (the pictured Wiss clock was taken to The Short Hills Mall in 1961). Caption for photo: EXPANDED HOLDINGS -- The three-story Jordan Building directly to the north of the Wiss Building at 665 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey, has been purchased by Wiss Building Associates and will be consolidated into the holdings of the real estate syndication partnership, which now owns a frontage of 135 feet on Broad Street alone. Future plans call for a new 10-story modernized office building to continue the New Newark theme.


Circa 1960 on back, but is 1966, based on the movie being shown at the Loew's. Wiss Building is on right side. Military Park was redone that year for the 300th Anniversary celebration. J Wiss & Sons donated a new rose for the park.


Taken at the same time as the previous photo. Wiss Building appears at lower right.


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