J. Wiss & Sons Co. 1848-1976
Catalogs, booklets, flyers, and ads from the 1900s.

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1907catalog thumbnail This 1907 catalog for the trade covers shears, scissors, razors. Includes 23 pages on straight razors and strops starting on catalog page 37. All items include trade prices. This was a period of very stable prices. Also available in PDF.


SuggestionsForAdvertising thumbnail Suggestions For Advertising for dealers. Highlights the free Electrotypes that are provided to dealers if they advertise in newspapers. Includes shears and full ad electrotypes. Presumed to be circa 1906, as that is when they started national advertising. 16 pages printed on newsprint. 6" × 8-7/8".


SolidSteelPruningShears1901 thumbnail Solid Steel Pruning Shears 1901. Newsprint: 5-3/4" × 6-5/8". Also in 300 DPI [jpeg].
WantToLearnShearAdvertising thumbnail Want To Learn Shear Advertising? - and make money at the same time? Offers an advertising plan when a $50 order is placed. Circa early 1900s is assumed. Poster: 7-11/16" × 13-7/8". Also in 300 DPI [jpeg].


Beandin-business-card thumbnail Business Card with Beandin's name written in as the rep.
1902-envelope thumbnail Envelope Wiss sent in 1902.
KornahrensLetter1909 thumbnail Letter to Arnold Kornahrens 1909. Blaming a local newspaper for not running advertisements. Also in 300 DPI [jpeg].

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