Wiss Point-Of-Sale Marketing Items

2-counter-signs thumbnail Two Countertop Marketing Display Signs
With easel tabs on the back. In my collection. Circa 1920s-1930s. Sign text:
• Wiss Scissors: Stay Sharp Longest!
• Wiss Scissors: Cut easily. Last a lifetime.

cast iron sign WISS SCISSORS: Wonder Cutters Cast Iron Sign
12" long, 5 3/4" tall and weighs 2 lbs. Has original paint in red, blue, purple and white. The lady is showing how easy it is to cut the material with Wiss scissors.

CertOfGuarantee thumbnail Countertop Display
with the Wiss Certificate of Guarantee. This is No. 17 in a 1927 dealer marketing manual.

CertOfGuarantee thumbnail Wiss Household Shears Cut Anything
Countertop display easel. Probably printed February 1925. 9-3/4" × 7-7/8".

StoreDisplayEasel-SweeneyLitho thumbnail Cardboard Easel Store display
with: "Wiss Shears & Scissors: They Cut All the Way to the Points. Used Day after Day in Factory and Shop." "WISS SHEARS & SCISSORS AD DISPLAY SWEENEY LITHO PAPER".

Trimming Scissors Display Board Displaying Small Sewing Scissors
Cardboard sign has foldout out easel on the back to allow it to stand on a counter.

I 25 poster 1925 Wiss Shears/Scissors Store Counter Top Display Board
Has "Crucible Steel Inlaid Cutting Edges make Wiss Shears Wonderful Cutters - They have Unbreakable Handles - Steel Frame tested for strength". It is printed on a heavy cardboard with a wing type stand applied to the back for placing on the top of a sales counter or cabinet. It would have been given to the store to help increase sales of their shears. There are 2 pieces of the actual shear blades, in two stages of manufacture attached to the board with their original metal bands & wire. Dated 1-25 in the lower left corner.
Dimensions: 8.2" X 10.63"

Small Box thumbnail Small Display Box
From the early 20th century.

manufacturing-stages thumbnail Evolution Display Card
Describes the Various Stages of Manufacture. This is older than the one that appears on page 76 of the 1925 catalog. Measures 17" × 12-3/4". In my collection. Following is a later version.

stages manufacturing Wiss Shears in Various Stages of Manufacturing
Board shows seven stages of manufacturing Inlaid shears. 21 1/2" X 14"

StoreDisplayEasel thumbnail No. 33 Evolution Display Card
Describes the Various Stages of Manufacture. Size 22" × 13". This display shows actual shear blades in varying stages of manufacture, mounted as shown. It attracts attention and provides a demonstration that requires no further explanation. Supplied free of charge. This can be found on page 82 of the 1934 catalog and page 51 of the 1937 catalog. An earlier version be found on page page 76 of the 1925 catalog. See prior entry for an early smaller version.

WissProcessPoster thumbnail Set of Four Posters
Describes the Wiss Process. From the early 20th century. Note the cloud logo is holding an anvil. Each measures 20" × 25". In my collection.

Sign No 51 Wiss Shears and Scissors are wonderful cutters!
Image of little girl with stuffed dog by well known artist Joseph Farrelly. Lithographed on canvas in eight colors. Sweeney Litho Co. Inc. Belleville, NJ. 28-1/2" × 23-1/2". Appears in the 1930 catalog. Sold in May 2016.

LinenPoster thumbnail Wiss: Shears and Scissors are wonderful cutters!
Linen Poster. Has pictures of four scenarios, each with a slogan:
• Hold their edge
• Sharp, dainty points
• Cut clean all the way to the points
• Remain sharp longest

baby cutting dog tail thumbnail Cardboard Easel Store display
WISS Shears and Scissors are wonderful cutters FOR EVERY CONCEIVABLE USE.
Artwork by Joseph Farrelly.

2 peices of a poster Poster Fragments
Two pieces of a larger poster. Late 1940s.

hardware sign thumbnail Reproduction Outdoor Wall Signs
Many of these signs exist, as they were used as decor in T.G.I. Friday's restaurants in the 1980s. A few of these come up for sale each year on eBay. Most are flat, but several were embossed.

Magic Lantern glass slide thumbnail Magic Lantern Glass Slide
A circa 1908-1909 slide that was projected in motion picture theaters prior to the main feature. [Were there intermissions?]

red-stay-sharp-tag thumbnail Paper Red Sign
Constructed as a large tag. With thread to hang. Has slogan: Wiss Shears and Scissors Stay Sharp. This is No. 5 in a 1927 dealer marketing manual. Measures: 8-11/16" × 5-3/16".

TinSnipsAdvertisingBoard Wooden Board with Two Tin Snips
Two pairs of Tinners' Snips are mounted on a wooden board. Has slogan: Wonderful Cutters Hold Their Edge.

Wiss Felt Yellow thumbnail Yellow Felt
Used to demonstrate shears and scissors on the countertop. Has slogan: Shears and Scissors: Wonderful Cutters.

Counter Mat thumbnail Counter Mat
Used to demonstrate shears and scissors on the countertop. This is No. 45 in a 1927 dealer marketing manual. 11-3/8" × 8-5/8". Thick felt. In my collection.