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1900s-GH-Stielweld-embroidery-scissors thumbnail
1900s. Good Housekeeping. Wiss “Stielweld” embroidery scissors
1902-1909-Delineator-If-You-Don%27t-See-This thumbnail
1902-1909. The Delineator. If You Don't See This It Isn't A Wiss
1902-1909-Delineator-Look-for-the-Name thumbnail
1902-1909. The Delineator. Look for the Name Wiss whenever you go to buy Shears and Scissors.
1905-Delineator-Shears-And-Scissors-For-Christmas thumbnail
1905. The Delineator. Wiss Shears And Scissors For Christmas. A virtually identical ad appeared in a 1905 Ladies Home Journal. The major difference is that it had 15-33 Littleton Ave.
1905-GH-Stielweld-Shears thumbnail
1905. Good Housekeeping. Wiss “Stielweld” Shears. The same ad also appeared in GH in 1906.
1906-Feb-LHJ-Stielweld-Shears thumbnail
1906 Feb. Ladies Home Journal. Wiss “Stielweld” Shears
1906-Apr-LHJ-Stielweld-Shears thumbnail
1906 April. Ladies Home Journal. Wiss “Stielweld” Shears
1906-Sept-LHJ-Built-On-True-Lines thumbnail
1906 Sept. Ladies Home Journal. Built On True Lines: Wiss “Stielweld” Scissors
1906-Nov-LHJ-Stielweld-Scissors thumbnail
1906 Nov. Ladies Home Journal. Wiss “Stielweld” Scissors
1907-LHJ-Stielweld-Shears thumbnail
1907. Wiss “Stielweld” Shears. Probably Ladies Home Journal.
1907-McClures-Razors thumbnail
1907. McClures. Wiss Razors: Cost the Most to Make, Cost the Most to Buy, The Cheapest Razor to Own. Pictured is Style H, White Ribbed Handle. In the 1907 catalog it was on page 45.
1907-Wiss-Razor-Cost-the-Most-to-Make-and-Buy thumbnail
1907. McClures. Wiss Razors: Cost the Most to Make... Pictured here is the Wiss Best with Fancy Antique Handle and Tang. In the 1907 catalog it was on page 38.
1908-Mar-LHJ-Our-Guarantee thumbnail
1908 March. Ladies Home Journal. Our Guarantee
1908-May-LHJ thumbnail
1908 May. Ladies Home Journal. During dressmaking time good shears are indispensible... Measures 2 1/2" x 5 3/4".
1910-Wiss-Has-Perfected-a-Shear thumbnail
1910. Wiss Has Perfected a Shear That Will Not Break. 5" x 7-3/4"
1922-Have-You-a-Pair thumbnail
1922. Have You a Pair of Wiss Scissors?
1922-Needlecraft-Keeping-little-folks thumbnail
1922. Needlecraft Magazine. Keeping little folks dressed is double pleasure, when you have the helpful, friendly aid of good Wiss Scissors. 2-1/4" x 6"
W407 thumbnail
1923. A Wiss 12 page publication to their dealers with the ads to be run in the Fall.
1923-Aug-23-Hardware-Age-The-Easiest-Line thumbnail
1923 Aug 23. Hardware Age. The Easiest Line to Sell
1923-Needlecraft-A-Cheerful-Work-Basket thumbnail
1923. Needlecraft Magazine. A Cheerful Work Basket
1923-Needlecraft-So-many-women thumbnail
1923. Needlecraft Magazine. So many women are accustomed to getting along with dull, wabbly, shears — ...
1923-Needlecraft-You-Need-Them-Everyday thumbnail
1923. Needlecraft Magazine. You Need Them Every Day!
1924-Oct-23-Hardware-Age-cover thumbnail
1924 Oct 23. Hardware Age. cover
1924-Sharp-Scissors-That-Last thumbnail
1924. Either from The Delineator or Good Housekeeping. Sharp Scissors That Last a Lifetime. This also appeared in another magazine with "write for booklet M."
1925-June-Modern-Priscilla thumbnail
1925 June. Modern Priscilla. In the Bride's new home and in every home...
1928-May-12-SatEvePost-Remarkable-Torsion thumbnail
1928 May 12. The Saturday Evening Post. Remarkable Torsion in Razor Steel Shear Blades Gives Added Cutting Power
BHG1929 thumbnail
1929. Better Homes & Garden. Make child's play of hedge trimming— Wiss Hedge Shears cut easily...
1930-Jun-Delineator-Wiss-Scissors-easily-cut thumbnail
1930 June. The Delineator. Wiss Scissors ...easily cut 8 thicknesses
GH-1935-10 thumbnail
1935 Oct. Good Housekeeping. AMAZING how THESE shears SAVE time and money
1935-Nov-GH-Pinking-Saves thumbnail
1935 Nov. Good Housekeeping. Pinking Saves
1936-Apr-BHG-A-Famous-Trio thumbnail
1936 April. Better Homes & Garden. A Famous Trio for Garden Lovers!
1936-Dec-The-American-Home-to-a-lady-who thumbnail
1936 Dec. The American Home. to a lady who likes to cook
1936-Hardware-Age-this-snips-cuts thumbnail
1936. Hardware Age. this snips cuts circles, scrolls, squares as easily as a straight line
1937-Life-Mag-for-keen-appreciation thumbnail
1937. Life Magazine. for keen appreciation - - Wiss Gift Sets
1938-Mar-House-Garden-Husky-Branches thumbnail
1938 March. House Garden. Husky Branches Snip Right Off!
1938-Mar-Successful-Farming-Kitchen-Shears thumbnail
1938 March. Successful Farming. Giant Kitchen Shears
1939-Oct-19-Hardware-Age-New-Wiss-Gift-Ideas thumbnail
1939 Oct 19. Hardware Age. New Wiss Gift Ideas For The Christmas Season
SatEvePost-1941 thumbnail
1941. The Saturday Evening Post. Built for He-Men ... but Smooth Enough for the Ladies: Wiss Garden Shears
1942-03-14-SatEvePost-Wiss-Shears-and-Scissors thumbnail
1942 March 14. The Saturday Evening Post. Wiss Shears and Scissors Belong in America's Victory Program
Holiday-1947-Dec thumbnail
1947 Dec. Holiday Magazine. Wiss Gift Sets are back - finer and more beautiful than ever!
1948-Mar-Vanity-Fair thumbnail
1948 March. Vanity Fair. Everybody's Sewing...so this Easter give Wiss
GH-1948-10 thumbnail
1948 Oct. Good Housekeeping. When you do this. You need these Wiss Pinking Shears.
Holiday-1949-Dec thumbnail
1949 Dec. Holiday. Wiss Gift Sets ...for those particular names on your list
SatEvePost-1950-04-29 thumbnail
1950 April 29. The Saturday Evening Post. It's long-term economy to buy Wiss ...Garden Cutting Tools of the best quality
1950-Apr-Holiday-Take-a-tip-from-the-Bunny thumbnail
1950 April. Holiday Magazine. Take a tip from the Bunny.. say "Happy Easter" the Wiss Gift Set Way
1950-When-you-sew thumbnail
1950. When you sew...why not be Professional It's so easy...with Wiss pinking shears
1950-BHG-Wiss-Shears-Do-It-Best thumbnail
1950. Better Homes & Garden. Wiss Shears Do It Best*
GH-1951-05 thumbnail
1951 May. Good Housekeeping. It's sew much more professional to use Wiss Shears and Scissors
1951-05-LHJ-It%27s-sew-much-more-professional thumbnail
1951 May. Ladies Home Journal. It's sew much more professional to use Wiss Shears and Scissors
1952-Feb-21-Hardware-Age-All-Wiss-garden-tools thumbnail
1952 Feb 21. Hardware Age. All Wiss garden tools are Best Sellers
1952-May-Cappers-Farmer-4-part-sewing-harmony thumbnail
1952 May. Cappers Farmer. 4 part sewing harmony by Wiss
1952-Good-Housekeeping-Pinking-Shears thumbnail
1952. Good Housekeeping. Wiss Pinking Shears put pleasure-plus into sewing
1952-Oct-Country-Gentleman-Wiss-Pinking-Shears thumbnail
1952 Oct. Country Gentleman. Wiss Pinking Shears — put pleasure-plus into sewing
1952-Nov-LHJ-Wiss-Dressmakers-Shears thumbnail
1952 Nov. Ladies Home Journal. Wiss Dressmakers Shears — as essential as pins and a pattern!
GH-1953-04 thumbnail
1953 April. Good Housekeeping. Cut your pattern the professional way with Wiss Dressmaker's Shears
1953-June-GH-Cut-your-slipcovers thumbnail
1953 June. Good Housekeeping. Cut your slipcovers the quick, easy way with Wiss Dressmaker's Shears
1953-Oct-GH-Wiss-Pinker-Fashions thumbnail
1953 Oct. Good Housekeeping. Wiss Pinker Fashions...new and fun to make!
GH-1954-05 thumbnail
1954 May. Good Housekeeping. Make these and dozens more Wiss Pinker Fashions with Wiss Pinking Shears
1954-Oct-Country-Gentleman-Mamma-cut-it-out thumbnail
1954 Oct. Country Gentleman. "Mamma cut it out in no time!"
GH-1955-10 thumbnail
1955 Oct. Good Housekeeping. Any task worth doing is worth doing well with Wiss Shears & Scissors
1956-Dec-Farm-Journal-Any-task-worth-doing thumbnail
1956 Dec. Farm Journal. Any task worth doing is worth doing well with Wiss Shears & Scissors
GH-1957-05 thumbnail
1957 May. Good Housekeeping. before you cut into that lovely Spring flannel be sure you have the very best shears: Wiss
1957-Dec-Holiday-Gift-Sets thumbnail
1957 Dec. Holiday Magazine. Wiss Gift Sets
1957-New-The-Only-Shears thumbnail
1957 Good Housekeeping New! The Only Shears of Their Kind in the World! Wiss Skalloping Shears
1958-Oct-9-Hardware-Age-A-Great-New-Idea thumbnail
1958 Oct 9. Hardware Age. Wiss Shears And Scissors As Christmas Gifts– A Great New Idea– Powerfully Advertised!
1958-Dec-Holiday-novel-gifts-for-every-miss thumbnail
1958 Dec. Holiday Magazine. Wiss ...novel gifts for every miss
1958-Any-way-you-cut-it thumbnail
1958. Any way you cut it-
1959-GH-Pinking-and-Skalloping thumbnail
1959. Good Housekeeping. Pinking and Skalloping, 2 expert ways...
1959-Gift-Suggestions-by-Wiss thumbnail
1959. Gift Suggestions by Wiss
1961-Sept-PopMech-Wiss-Snips-Cut-Best thumbnail
1961 Sept. Popular Mechanics. Wiss Snips Cut Best
1962-11-McCalls-Wiss-shears-really-last thumbnail
1962 Nov. McCalls. Wiss shears really last
1963-SatEvePost-All-New-Wiss-Wizz thumbnail
1963. The Saturday Evening Post. All New Wiss Wizz Grass Shears
1966-Feb-3-Hardware-Age-Blueprint-For-Profits thumbnail
1966 Feb 3. Hardware Age. Blueprint For Profits
1967-Feb-Co-Ed-Wiss-can-be-the-start thumbnail
1967 Feb. Co Ed Magazine. Wiss can be the start of something big
GH-1976-05 thumbnail
1976 May. Good Housekeeping Wiss Contura-lite Shears. Now in tortoise-shell.
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