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Newspaper Feature Articles about Family Members

newspaper thumbnail Newspaper Articles on the Family Businesses (scissors, jewelry store, office building). Wiss family members are often mentioned in the articles.

Men-Making-Greater-Newark thumbnail Frederick C.J. Wiss profile in Newark Sunday Call
December 9, 1928 in their "One of Us: Men Making Greater Newark" Column.

1929-03-06-FCJ-in-Hawaii-NEN thumbnail Folks You Know:
Frederick C.J. Wiss .. near Waimea Canyon, Kauai

Norm-Jr+Duke-Sunday-Call-1934 thumbnail Duke Knows Way To Ice-Box
Newark Sunday Call, July 1, 1934

Mildred+3-sons-Avon-July-25-1934 thumbnail Mildred and Three Sons
Avon-by-the-Sea, The Newark Evening News, July 25, 1934

Mildred+Norm-Sr+Van-Cises thumbnail Mildred and Norm Sr with the Van Cises
The Newark Evening News, December 21, 1936

1938-11-17-Lottie-birthday-NEN thumbnail Thanks for the Memory:
Mrs. Frederick C.J. Wiss has golden friendship anniversary party

Mildred+Norm-Sr-25th-Anniv-Newark-Eve-News-June-1942 thumbnail Mildred and Norm Sr. have 25th Anniversary Party, Newark Evening News, June 1942

Fred-Wiss-service-news-Item-1944 thumbnail Fred Wiss in "News From The Services"
Millburn Item 1944

Wiss-social-news-Evening-News-Spring-1944 thumbnail Wiss Social News
Newark Evening News, Spring 1944

Norman Wiss [Sr]

Norm-Sr-appointed-UCC thumbnail Norm Sr Appointed to the Unemployment Compensation Commission

Norm-Sr-inducted-UCC thumbnail Norman Wiss [Sr] Inducted As UCC Member, Trenton Evening Times, Tuesday

Norm-Sr-sworn-in-UCC-Item thumbnail Norman Wiss Sworn As Member of UCC
Millburn Item, January 9, 1947

Norm-Sr-takes-oath-Trentonian thumbnail Norman Wiss Takes UCC Oath, The Trentonian, 1947

Norm-Sr-one-of-5-appointed-UCC thumbnail Norm Sr. one of Five Named to Study State's Employment Security Laws

Norm-Sr-elected-VP-of-NJMA-Item thumbnail Norman Wiss [Sr] elected VP of NJ Manufacturers Association
Millburn Item

Norm-Jr-Chest-Leader-1949 thumbnail Norm Jr. is section Chairman in the Community Chest Campaign 1949

1954-03-14-Lottie-90th-birthday-NEN thumbnail Mrs. Frederick Wiss Feted At Party on 90th Birthday

Mildred-and-Cub-Scouts thumbnail Mildred Wiss Smith gets Cub Scout Honor. She was one of the founders of the Cub Scouting movement and the first den mother of Pack 1. Circa April 27, 1968.

NewSchoolObserver thumbnail The New School Observer: At 92, She [Gretchen Wiss Sinon] Still Pursues Her 'Labor of Love'
November 1985